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[quote]As most of you know I don't agree with homosexuality...<hr></blockquote>

While I appreciate your effort to make sure we are all aware of your dislike of homosexuality, I fear that bringing it up in this conversation may be painting with too broad a brush, no? Some things just don't impact society as a whole like others do, and I've a hard time equating the effects of homosexuality, abortion, or smoking with prostitution. I know what you were getting at; I just think that comparison is inaccurate.

Although I can't imagine i'd ever be inclined to take advantage of the services of a prostitute, in theory I don't see why it's a legal issue. Ethical, yes, but not legal. I think a more fair comparison is prostitution to legalizing drugs. Comparing dealers to pimps and the girls to the drugs, if it is legalized privately and the street trade is disbanded, that would IMHO be a positive move for society.

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It's all right for a man to search and protect woman with his wealth.

This thing happen to a wife, another wife, a mistress, a girlfriend, and a woman that is quite close.

But does this thing also happen to an unknown woman that is paid to have a sexual intercourse?

Well... I guess that... Like some people here said it, depends on the situation.

I think that the fact that some people don't like the idea of sexual intercourse for money thing, is that in some situations it had a negative effect toward the woman, either physically or spiritually.
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Basically, I am not against legal prostitution . It is her body, her business.

And the cheating men that tonton is about. Men could cheat on their wives/gfs with other women, not necessary a prositute. Will the availability of women increase the chance of cheating? I really don't know much about that.

But what worried me, is that there are "virtual slavery" in Asia and Eastern Europe, that gals as young as 11yrs old are being sold and held captive to serve men in prostitution. Will legalization bring down this kind of slavery, I don't have the answer for that. I only know that if prostitution bring in a lot of cash, there will be "bad guys" out there trafficking gals.

And I disagreed that there are little drugs involvement with the local Asian prostitutes, it is usually drugs or gambling that caused those women a lot of trouble. And tonton seems to "whitewashed" it into a "good business deal".
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