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Originally Posted by Smallwheels View Post

If Google is so worried about security then it should implement its own proprietary software. Wouldn't Google implement its own Chrome OS in beta form for its own company? Even if it weren't totally ready for the public it could let its employees have some basic functionality with the Chrome OS.

What does this say about Chrome OS if it is true? It says Chrome OS can't do regular business computing. I've seen the demo's of Chrome OS and it seemed to work fine. It might be buggy right now but it could do word processing and e-mail. What specialized tasks do the Google business people do that requires OS X that can't be done with Chrome OS? I'm curious.

It says nothing about Chrome OS. That's in beta. And it isn't really designed or optimized to serve the enterprise crowd.

Despite what AI forumers think, there's no hate war on at Google. They just don't see eye-to-eye on some issues. I am willing to bet that most Google employees (being of that creative, tech-wise type) probably favour and use macs heavily. I doubt any of them harbour such an aversion to Apple that they wouldn't use Apple products. To most of them it's all just business and healthy competition.
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One thing that's interesting, is that we'll now find out how secure OS X truly is. The last time around, the PLA's Second and/or Third Departments did such a good job, Google needed the NSA's help to fix the problem (it's too bad the conspiracy nuts see this as a privacy issue). Let's see how the Chinese hackers fare against OS X.
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Originally Posted by sheff View Post

Great now 30,000 Chinese hackers are gonna be reassigned to write exploits for the mac. Thanks for being evil there google.

Are you at least intrigued at the possibility of OS X finally getting tested and pushed to the same level as Windows?
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Originally Posted by myapplelove View Post

What they are putting the closed system, big brother apple on their desktops in google, and then bashing the living daylights out of apple in public? Who would have thought they were the biggest hypocrites on the globe...

Apparently, you haven't watched the keynote. It's quite clear in that keynote, that Gundothra was referring to future of mobile devices.
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Originally Posted by bettieblue View Post

BS. Mac users that want to get through the proxy at work must use FireFox (also lagging behind the Windows version) since Safari does not support Kerberose either. However Chrome on Windows has full Kerberose support.

Mac OS X 10.6 Help - About Kerberos
Mac OS X applications that can use Kerberos include Safari

Kerberos: Highly Secure Single Sign-On Authentication in Mac OS X

I note that you've been consistently misspelling Kerberos as Kerberose.
That's ironic as usernames and passwords need to be correctly spelt for Kerberos to work.
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