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Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

Android has had years to be developed. It was openly bought by Google in 2005(?) and we was well known before the iPhone was ever officially announced.

And the real irony is, without Apple and the iPhone it wouldn't be on Verizon.

At least in it's current "open" form

I love selective memory...
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Originally Posted by djdj View Post

Long story short, there are a lot of iPhones out there, but if current trends continue, Android phones will not just outsell, but outnumber iPhones before we know it.

Market share numbers are easy to get - just give "it" away.

Profits are the sticky wicket. Whether Android makes money for developers will be the interesting thing to watch.

Apple put their cards on the table today, yet I suspect we will hear nothing from Google.

Well, maybe some verbal sparring, but I doubt we will see anything of substance like real sales and profit numbers.

Just a hunch - after all as a zealot I could be "overstating" things
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Originally Posted by Stevie View Post

So do you think it will eventually be on 90+% of the mobile phones out there?

If it's the 90% of the phones that deliver 20% of the profit, then it's hardly a problem for Apple now, is it? Millions of net books are sold, yet I doubt anyone at Apple is loosing sleep over it. In fact they are probably laughing (all the way to the bank) over net book sales and all the fuss over them.

In other words, the fascination over simple sales numbers is pretty silly and wholly unfruitful.
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Originally Posted by dolphyjazz View Post

And more importantly, controlling hard working developers such as myself.

Aha! The real truth comes out.

Enjoy your android phone. Your in the minority. I can guarantee you the people who find the iOS ecosystem desirable don't care one whit about this. They care about the over all experience, and Android doesn't have it. At least not right now. It will be interesting to see if Google and it's "competing with each other" partners can deliver.
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Originally Posted by dolphyjazz View Post

Actually, Apple has been outspoken against jail braking an iPhone and said that it voids the warranty.

Why should they have to cover something that if done wrong can brick your phone?!?

If you are a big enough boy to play fast and loose with "your" hardware, what do you care if the warranty is void?

A warranty is a contract with specific limitations, not a fundamental right or unlimited "get out of jail free" card

Sounds like Micro$oft speak to me.

Sounds like ignorant whining from people with unrealistic senses of entitlement.

As a developer

Once again, what a surprise.

If Apple is so evil and you are so eager to have nothing to do with them, why exactly are you hear? I'm not attacking you, I'm really curious for your motivation in posting in an Apple fan site forum.
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Originally Posted by Postulant View Post

True. However, I still reserve the right to do it. And while Apple may not approve, there isn't much they can do to prevent me.

Sure there is. If they were really concerned they could file DMCA complaints.

I'm suspecting the current jailbreak holes will be closed in the upcoming hardware and software, and probably on the 3GS as well as the hardware is there, the current issues are in software implementations.

Of course, Apple will be derided for removing features (i.e. jail breaking) that they never promised and routinely warned people not to do

Furthermore Apple will be the evil ones for forcing them to buy Apple hardware that no longer does something Apple never promised in the first place

it's enough to make your head explode
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Originally Posted by Robin Huber View Post

Sorry about this long and rather labored (perhaps tortured) analogy, but I had to get it off my chest. Where better than here where I'm sure it'll draw some colorful responses.

Don't be sorry - I think it's a brilliant post and the best analogy I have seen to date!

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Originally Posted by jfanning View Post

Can you please provide a full list of all features you think are missing from Symbian (s60 is the ui) that means it shouldn't be classed as a smartphone OS?

Features in a vacuum are pretty meaningless, so clinging to that as a measure is pretty silly, no?

For me, data points like browser usage tell me more than a feature list. I could call a dog turd fillet mignon but it would still be a dog turd.

So what are symbian's browser usage stats compared to the iPhone or even Android? Last time I paid attention they were pretty abysmal - much like windows mobile's stats (and having come to the iPhone from winmo, I fully understand WHY winmo has non-existent usage stats). Have they done something to dramatically change that, and if so where is that change reflected in real world usage?

if there are features (like a web browser) that are not used, then what's the value of counting it as a "feature"? Labels in and of themselves are pretty meaningless, yet it never ceases to amaze me how much time is wasted over parsing them. To quote another meat themed saying, "where's the beef?!"
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Originally Posted by franksmith22 View Post

Have you ever heard of Sony's Playstation or Nintendo's Wii?

No kidding. Also what is often overlooked is the general computing experience (even on Mac OS X) is definitely NOT helped because of cross developer tools.

I fail to see how a tool that makes a developers life easier but gives me a crappy and sub-par experience (*cough* Adobe *cough*) is of benefit to me.

Do I even get a discount for that crappy and sub-par experience vs a windows user who has a more consistent user experience? Hell no!

And people are honestly having a hard time understanding why Apple wants a different model for the iOS devices?


I think the smart developers that are complaining do understand, they just don't care as it makes life harder for them. Oh well. It's already a non issue for the good developers since instead of complaining they are writing good apps and making money.

Snooze you loose!

Frankly Apple is probably relieved developers that can't be bothered to learn the native tools won't be in the app store. They never have been about quantity vs quality, despite all of the fart app jokes.
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Originally Posted by Stevie View Post

You can buy different version of Windows too. XP is still selling well, for example. Even Windows 7 comes in different versions for different devices.

Windows is a coherent thing. So is Android.

Not even close. None of your examples are relevant - they are different versions of a monolithic os from one company.

Android is closer to the DOS days when there were manufacturer specific versions of DOS with their own idiosyncroncies. Any one who lived through that era will tell you how fun that was - NOT!

Android is just like competing linux distributions. A fragmented, balkanized mess that is a user experience nightmare that non-geeks will loath. And I predict long term it will be about as successful. Actually it will be more successful in unit sales because at the end of the day a cheap Android phone is still a phone. But will Android have the app profit potential that the iPhone has now? It hasn't materialized yet... And without that ecosystem, "just" a tablet is pretty un-compelling compared to the iPad as well.
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