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[quote]Hey, I like taking things the wrong way. It makes life more interesting.


<img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> i'll just let that comment be, funny enough as is.

[quote]Well... okay. But I think you should change the statement to all *people* like porn to a certain extent... we just won't admit it. Porn can be incredibly demeaning/ridiculous/"who the hell would ever get turned on by that?" but it can be tasteful too (not necessarily saying that tasteful is better all of the time, just most of the time).


reminds me of some friends i had out at madison. they'd piss and moan about how bad porn was etc, and ask me why i bothered with it, what was the point. fact was, every time they came over one of the first things they asked was if i had any new magazines, and if they could read some stories. "because they're so stupid they're funny"

uh huh. girls like porn, no doubt. they just usually go for the mental over the visual, but they like porn. they'll watch the movies, read through the magazines and go to the stip clubs and have a great time, you just have to give them what they feel is an OK excuse.
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[quote]Originally posted by M3D Jack:

Yeah, I need to start running more this spring. Marine Corps Officer's entrance physical fitness test requires a 3 mile run in under 18 minutes. Shouldn't be too hard, I just haven't run in a while The pull-ups are going to kill me. 20 pull-ups in one set... I dunno if my upper body is going to cooperate </strong><hr></blockquote>

Which is why I'll never be joining the Marine Corps...a mile is easy in less than 6 mins but 3 miles...on a bike maybe

And I can only *correctly* do about 12 pullups...ah well.
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Girls are just as sexual as guys, of course, but the visual stuff doesn't get them off like it does guys. They will like looking at it but they're not going to take it to the bathroom to masturbate like a guy would.

And yes, girls prefer the more sensual porn as opposed to the kind of fantastical version of "sex" that comes out of the porn industry for the most part. Hardcore porn is built around masturbatory expediency, I think, whereas what a girl would be aroused by requires prolonged pre-sexual physical contact (i.e. - a guy (or girl, if she's like that) with her).


Guys are intimidated by girls and aren't aware that they are available. Many attractive girls walk around lamenting their lack of dates and such, which is baffling to me. Especially since I'm involved in The Big One Relationship I am far more trustworthy for girls divulging things like that.

It's amazing how a guy can land a wonderful girl if he plays his cards right and has a little courage.
proud resident of a failed state
proud resident of a failed state
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[quote]Originally posted by iDogcow:
<strong>i have no trouble at all getting chicks..here's my newest girlfriend:

She's so hot.


Yeah. Easy Access.....

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[quote]Originally posted by groverat:
<strong>Hardcore porn is built around masturbatory expediency, I think, whereas what a girl would be aroused by requires prolonged pre-sexual physical contact (i.e. - a guy (or girl, if she's like that) with her).
I love this sweeping generalization with little basis. It seems you are making two critical assumptions: girls have no need for "masturbatory expediency" and they need a physical body to get aroused by porn.

So, obviously girls masturbate. What makes you think that every time they go about it they want it to be a prolonged experience? That's silly.

Similarly, why would anyone need a prolonged warmup session to get turned on by porn?

I don't understand what you mean by "pre-sexual" either. Are you imagining these people sitting on the couch together and after some "prolonged" time one says "honey, I think it's time for porn" and the other says "no darling, let me sit with you a little longer." It sounds like what you actually mean is some hot and heavy foreplay. In that case, its sexual, not pre-sexual. At this point I'll say both parnters are more open to suggestion, and sure, porn could be one of them.
Given that the parties in question are flush with anticipation, I find it much more likely they would take the opportunity to explore each other and not the latest innovation in porn.
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