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Unbelievable! Have the launch day iPad 64 3G, have been paying for unlimited data $29.99/month. Got an email from AT&T saying next payment not going through because credit card needs to be updated. Credit card does NOT need updating. Found out the credit card info was perfect last month, but suddenly the expiration date was changed by AT&T (exact same card going through just fine on iPhone account). So because it made me re-enter the correct credit card info, now AT&T will not let me continue the grandfathered unlimited data plan.

Total SCAM! Class action lawsuit. They just rig their computer to change your credit card date, so you have to "correct" it, and then you cannot continue your unlimited data plan.

June 13, 2010 been on the phone with AT&T for well over an hour, various supervisors, they say there's nothing they can do, they will only look at a "phonenews" site and say there's no grandfathering.

The lady who claimed this is named Edith Smith with AT&T in Baton Rouge.

*** FRAUD ***