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When for 64GB iPhone 4?

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Like many users I was disappointed not to see a 64GB version of the iPhone 4. My iTunes library is currently just below 32GB but I subscribe to a podcast, all of which I'd like to on my iPhone, as well as the potential to add further albums. I'm also changing my car this summer to one with connectivity for an MP3 player/iPhone and I'd like to transfer my spoken word CDs for long journeys. All of this would easily fit onto 64GB but not 32GB. I'm sure I'm not alone. Furthermore, I can't just buy an iPod classic because my new car sycns with one device and to sync with iPod classic would mean no means of using my car's in-car phone.

I know Apple have updated iPhone capacity prior to Christmas. However, they didn't last year. Any guesses on capacity expansion this time?
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I have no clue. I was surprised by the lack of a 64 GB option myself. I make do fine, but I don't have the music collection you do. ;-)

Maybe they are planning a pre holiday memory increase to improve sales although not doing it last year made more sense for reasons I cannot explain in my head.
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January if they want to do a mid-cycle update. Otherwise, just expect to wait until next Summer.

64 Gbit flash chips (with 8 of them to create an SD card sized 64 Gbyte flash package) aren't really in mass production yet. They are just dribbling in. Samsung may be in Apple-sized mass production by Fall.

It's inevitable that Apple would have had to skip a product cycle with storage increases. Flash is basically a CMOS technology which cycles (doublings in transistor count) in 18 months or so. Apple ships a new iPhone every 12 months or so. The "basic" math is that Apple can double the storage of an iPhone only 2 out of 3 product cycles.

The only way to get around it is the iPod/iPad solution of putting in 2 Flash packages. This will result in a slightly bigger iPhone. I suspect Apple doesn't want to do that. And it's a viscous cycle as that will have to continue to increase device size to maintain doublings in storage as every 3 year or so, they have to skip a cycle or include more Flash packages.

Long winded for: January at the earliest, and that 64 Gbyte iPhone will be $399 on contract or wait until Summer 2011 when the more refined iPhone 4 w/64 GB storage will be out for $299 on contract.

64 GB storage is the minimum for me to upgrade from my 32 GB 3GS. Heck, maybe even 128 GB, and 1 GB RAM.
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A guy named Brandon in my Math class actually has a 64GB iPhone 4. They do exist. His dad works for Wells Fargo and does something with Apple so his family get's early bird deals with like 20% off discounts. He told me that they're supposed to come in November, but he's not really sure . . . I actually begged him to try to get me one if I gave him the money for it but he said that it's for family only. And, guys, I'm not kidding about this! I'm completely serious! I would never lie about this, that would be really gay!
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