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Nice dodge.

Let's go back through the thread.

#1. You stated that 1% of Apple's PROFIT came from app sales.

#2. I asked for evidence to support that claim

#3. You quoted the article claiming that 0.6% of GROSS PROFIT came from app sales. The article specifically says 'gross profit', not 'profit'.

#4. I pointed out to you that gross profit is not the same as profit-and give a detailed explanation of why you were incorrect in confusing profit and gross profit

#5. Instead of learning from your mistake, you pretend that it was the article that was in error. Clearly, you STILL don't understand the difference between profit and gross profit.

Some people are completely unwilling to learn anything. So sad.

Are you claiming that "gross profit" is not a form of profit?

I've already given you a means of contacting Apple Insider.

Enjoy your shovel...