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pundits ??
They can halo me all day and they still miss the boat. They don't see the real picture .
If NET books are counted as computers then iphone's >i-pod touches and ipads should also be in the mix .

Mac desktop > MB pro > white MB > mac MINI > MBA > IPOD touches > IPHONE > IPAD . ALL of the above are full functioning computers , All of above run mac OS SW and all can sync with each other.

Apple this past 1/4 sold
3.5 million macs
11 million ipad /iphones combined
4 million touches ??

...........So apple sold at least by my reckoning at least 18.5 million computers this Quarter and WILL sell at LEAST 65 million computers this year. So Apple in effect sold over 65 million computers this year. I wonder what APPLE'S <<true >> market share is with the above numbers ??
And the 110 million and growing light speed fast itunes accounts bode for one more billion dollar income source.

Its so odd that when these tracking group[s break each companies profit % against the total profit for the whole computer industry. Apple scores %35 or higher .,

Also apple hold a %91 market share for computers priced over $1100. USA dollars .

So within 5 yrs when all the apple products are at full steam apple market share in 3 area's should be much higher .

Right now over 2 million people who bought ipads converted to masOS FROM wintel world with out
even knowing it . That is the true power of the ipad .


whats in a name ? 
whats in a name ? 