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Originally Posted by Smallwheels View Post

It's time for Apple to become a manufacturer instead of just a designer. We call Apple a manufacturer but really they just design the products and hire outsiders to build them. It would be great if they just created real factories in the USA and started building things.

I would like to see made in the USA stamped on my Apple products. It could be done if the company decided to do it. They could use the income from the iAds to pay for the labor. Apple could turn around the USA economy in a big way if in addition to building their products here they would get all of their raw materials here. Apple could start with the iPods and move into making the more intricate things as time went on.

Have you seen the thousands of nimble hands needed to put together the intricate parts making up a finished Apple product. Have you noticed the emphasis Apple puts on the quality of its products? Then you should ask yourself if the overweight, thick fingered American workforce will ever be able to replace the hundred thousand Asian workers. And I won't even mention the cost.
Only when the whole production can be automated will Apple ever consider manufacture in the US. But then there won't be much employment created.
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This just goes to show how successful the iPad is.
As someone think an iPad is an iPod touch with a bigger screen, no ifs ands or buts about it, I should say something.
I use my iPad every day, to all intents and purpose, it's replaced my laptop. I find the criticism of it being a big iPod Touch a very odd one. That's like saying a 17" laptop is just a big 13" laptop. They both do the same job but due to the larger screen, one is more useful than the other. The iPad is a far more enjoyable media consumption device than the iPod. Sometimes you sacrifice usability for portability, but the iPad is certainly better for say browsing the web than the touch.
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