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[quote]So, don't give me any shit that the USA doesn't have internal rivalry or problems as well.<hr></blockquote>

I didn't say that.

Can't refute the things I say so you have to make shit up for me?

Nice work.

All I said was that Europeans hate each other and kill each other like it's nothing. You chase your princesses down in cars and shoot unpopular politicans and we'll watch lots of TV and get fat, mmk?

[quote]heck, if anything I would say racism is worse in the south of USA (y'all know them niice country folk from West hickville...) who still hunt down colored folk... and give outsiders a stare from death (and yes I have experienced this...).<hr></blockquote>

You're full of shit. I was born and raised in the South and you're working from idiotic stereotypes. "Hunt down colored folk"... why don't you go shoot up a German school or assassinate a politician, peace boy.

[quote]and to be honest I think we would be WAY much worse off if we were all still divided and rivaling eachother.<hr></blockquote>

We all still are rivaling each other and that will never stop, ever. Pass all the feel-good happy shit you want now, you have that luxury, but when the shit hits the fan you people will hate each other like it's old hat.

Europeans preaching... that's freakin' hilarious.

"I know we just got through with a war that cost 50+ million lives, but it's all better now. As a matter of fact, you (the U.S.) should allow us to dictate your domestic policy and your citizens should be tried in our courts."

[quote]Nonetheless, yes Groverat, one of the main reasons behind the creation of the EU is economic... and to be a great economic power there must be stability.<hr></blockquote>

So basically what you were saying is that I was right when I said the purpose of the EU is to gain equity with the U.S.?

Thanks for confirming that.

[quote]I highly doubt, and I'll be the first to say it, that the EU will ever be more powerful than the US.<hr></blockquote>

Doesn't mean they won't try, of course. And that's fine, unite and grow, that's great. Just keep your pompous ass out of our domestic affairs and you guys can circle jerk until the cows come home.

[quote]One step at a time man. And the trip is that much easier if we help eachother, not destroy.<hr></blockquote>

So now the United States saying, "You know what... I think that subjecting our citizens to foreign trials isn't something we like" is "destroy"ing everything?


The EU is fine. You guys get your Euro and get all cozy and happy, pass all manner of treaties that make you rich and groovy. BUT keep it to yourselves, you aren't the world government, by law or de facto.

Once you are as powerful as the U.S. you can throw your weight around (and Europe is notorious for that), but until then know your place.
proud resident of a failed state
proud resident of a failed state
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[quote]Originally posted by ZO:
Because ya dumb mofo, if I can speak streetsmart its because I grew up in NYC. Get a friggen life.

I see. You are an ex-patriot traitor who now likes to trash talk the US. All the more reason to hate you.

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Speaking as a believer in realpolitik, it is very much a nececity for the US to pull out of many of the treaties that have been proposed for it.

Why do Americans need to abandon treaties that deal with land mines? Because Americans have a border between North and South Korea that they need to defend.

Why do Americans need to abandon treaties that deal with biological weapons? Because the people who would need to sign up to the treaties won't and so the treaty is a useless formality.

Why do Americans need to abandon the ABM treaty? Because there are nations who would be stupid enough to launch a nuke at New York or Los Angeles.

Why does America need to leave the human right's international court? Because America's troops would likely become the target of foreign judges (Garzon comes to mind).

Unlike Europe, America is actually doing something in the world. It is largely American troops who are busy fighting wars in foreign nations, whether they be the Balkans or Afganistan (yes, I know that other troops are involved, but these wars are always started by Americans, sometimes at the behest of Europe). America is the only nation remaining that is capable of true worldwide force projection, and so it winds up playing the role of the global police officer.

America has a tendency to act in a unilateralist fashion, but why is that scuh an issue? Someone needs to set the tone, and it might as well be the USA because it is the only nation that is capable of doing so.

Is America superior to Europe? It depends on how you measure superiority. In terms of its military, yes it is superior. Additionally, America uses its military and so it can't be bound by what Europe thinks is appropriate. The problems of the world can not always be solved through diplomacy.
King Felix
King Felix
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[quote]Originally posted by FotNS:

I see. You are an ex-patriot traitor who now likes to trash talk the US. All the more reason to hate you.

[ 05-08-2002: Message edited by: FotNS ]</strong><hr></blockquote>

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posted by ZO
My GOD you better shut up before you look any more ignorant. My iBook was most likely designed by an English guy called Jonathan Ives, with a TFT screen made somewhere in Asia. The Internet was also developed in Switzerland (at CERN) as well as at DARPA. There are many internet connection/nodes in the USA as well as the rest of the world.

This is based on a technicality, and it's not America vs. the world, just for the record.

The internet wasn't invented by some state organization. First off, the technologies behind it were invented by a variety of mostly American contenders, and the concept of networking has been around forever. It was a natural combination. The bureaus just threw together some standards, and since at that time ATT was a naturalized monopoly, the only way to make a big net was through the government . Currently a lot of the bandwidth in America is corporate based (telecom was deregulated here, if you didn't already know), and if it were that way before, no silly governemnt operation would have any claim at "inventing the internet." Nobody invented the internet. It just sort of sprung up.
Cat: the other white meat
Cat: the other white meat
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I didn't know Al Gore was from Switzerland!
proud resident of a failed state
proud resident of a failed state
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I'm not going to bother reading all the posts. People hate us if we get involved in the world "community." People hate us if we get the hell out of their mess too. People will hate us either way, so gives a rat's ass what they think in either case? It seems to me that everyone wants the US to do 2 things:

1. to mind its own business, and

2. to give our money to them (and maybe some tanks while we're at it).

So is the US isolationist, or are we just showing that you can't have our cake and eat it too?
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