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Originally Posted by JasonBee View Post

I read the first few lines of this article and came to the same conclusion.

This should get interesting. I like the open nature of OS configurations as we have them...but a new day is coming. I will go out on a limb and state for the record that I think the iOS, for better or for worse, is the future of consumer computing, and possibly enterprise desktop computing.

The revenue options/revenue streams are not like anything the industry has ever experienced to date and I'm sure they're working hard on Apple's lead to bring those options to the desktop where everyone truly live and works.


I read the first few lines and thought this was more not really insightful of anything. Don't all companies advertise all job descriptions this way, "work for us, opportunity of a lifetime, wow the competition." These aren't usually clues into a specific project, more methods to try & draw in talent. Sorry but I doubt very much the ad is referencing an actual revolutionary feature, especially since Apple is known for introducing multiple revolutionary features in all their OS upgrades. Doing something with web to me doesn't sound all that revolutionary.
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Originally Posted by KT Walrus View Post

My bet is Apple wants to move to a multi-layered file system which integrates flash storage, local hard disk storage, and network storage all in the file system.

Basically, writes to the file system will first be written to flash storage and then later, copied to hard disk storage which would be mirrored to the cloud (network storage).

This would allow you to "log into" your data on any Mac connected to the cloud, but having the local flash and hard disks will "cache" the data for very fast local operation.

This would be the first OS where all data is stored in the cloud.

Originally Posted by Mr. K View Post

That would take an insane amount of time for file transfers to the cloud. Cool idea though.

Originally Posted by bdkennedy1 View Post

While that would be awesome, never gonna happen. Most people don't have the bandwidth to support it and broadband companies that have caps wouldn't allow it. A law would have to be passed requiring broadband companies to give everyone unlimited bandwidth.

Originally Posted by rosswell View Post

After all, Apple's ginormous, billion dollar, S.Carolina server farm is coming online over the next year, that would fit the timeframe.

OS X Cloud Cat

Originally Posted by timgriff84 View Post

Not sure I get the whole flash storage and local hard disk storage bit, but basically your saying the file system would sync. In which case been availiable for a while from Microsoft https://www.mesh.com/welcome/default.aspx (pic on the homepage sums it up), and I'm fairly certain they wernt the first.

Originally Posted by SockRolid View Post

Exactly what I'm thinking. And this would make audio and video rental/purchase transparent. Buy a movie, it shows up in your iTunes' "Purchased" page, and you can watch it. Objects like movie and music files could be remote-only. No need to download a copy to your local disk, which would take up space even though it might only be rarely watched, then have it get backed up by Time Machine, and be forced to copy it to a new Mac when you upgrade. It's still your copy, but you watch it through the cloud.

Cloud storage, as everyone keeps saying, would also reduce storage requirements on your local device, whether it's a desktop, laptop, or handheld. This brings down cost and complexity over time. And 10 years from now, Apple's profit center might need to shift from hardware to software and services (and yes, iAd). Hardware costs and margins are relentlessly dropping. It's the nature of the industry. By setting up a cloud-centric OS and device ecosystem, Apple is preparing itself for that future.

Originally Posted by netdog View Post

That certainly makes sense as a big part of Apple's base is iPads and iPhones now.

Originally Posted by basjhj View Post

May it something have to do with cloud computing?

Originally Posted by PXT View Post

Yep - this is something that I think has real relevence to the state of computing as-is.

People now have multiple home computers, plus multiple mobile devices and we then some data and services provided online. We need some kind of seamless way to treat our collective data and software as a single personal network, which we access via different devices according to what we're doing and where - not where the bits and bytes are.

Originally Posted by OldAppleEmployee View Post

Tight network integration starting to cross the boundary into cloud computing. The computer is the social network.

.................................................. .......................

And THAT is just a few from only a couple of pages


The ENTIRE World is about to get "On the Grid"

Apple is getting ready for the Entire World

Movies, Music, Pics, Chat, Vids, Phone Calls, Documents, Books, Library Congress x2 (squared)

You name it or think of it -- ALL is going to The Cloud, iPad, iPhone, iMac

And Apple is trying to get us there

They probably could already, but too many "Microsofts" out there gumming up the works

Define or Describe "it" any way YOU want, many of you know what "it" can be

We may not, yet, know exactly WHERE the puck WILL be, but we know the direction to skate

And once "it" is ready, we'll ALL know it and see it, together at same time

Change The World


and hope I mixed enough metaphors for everyone

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It's software update for the rest of your apps, based on those XML software schema files, except they will be hosted by apple
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Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

I don't think this is right at all.

For starters it makes no sense at all to integrate iOS into Mac OS-X.

iOS Apps already run on Mac OS X using the iPhone/iPad simulator, you just can't run the apps you've downloaded from the itunes store - only Apps you've compiled using XCode.

To me it makes great sense to be able to run iOS Apps on OS X, who wouldn't want to buy $1 games for their Mac? Probably not the best move for Apple as Apps are probably the biggest reason why people buy the iOS hardware (apart from the great UI and functionality). If Apple made these available to OS X users they would cannibalize their own device sales.

I've seen hints of OS X going touch screen in the OS X API's so I'm going with touch enabled OS X 10.7 and multi touch enabled iMac's
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...pssst! It's almost time...The future is inevitable and the future is now. It'll be that much easier if you just let go...this has been 26 years in the making...

(Mid-2012) 15.4" MacBook Pro w/ IPS Retina Display | Quad Core i7-3720QM 2.6GHz / 3.6GHz Max. Turbo | 16GB DDR3-1600MHz RAM | 256GB Samsung 830 SSD-based NAND Flash ETA 9/5


(Mid-2012) 15.4" MacBook Pro w/ IPS Retina Display | Quad Core i7-3720QM 2.6GHz / 3.6GHz Max. Turbo | 16GB DDR3-1600MHz RAM | 256GB Samsung 830 SSD-based NAND Flash ETA 9/5

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Definitely something to do with the North Carolina data/server farm, likely to be programming OS/application services that can be synced and stored in the cloud. Read between the lines and it pretty much says just that...a programmer with a strong network focus. Could be any part of Apple including iTunes/iStore or Mac OS as well.

As to what services exactly I have no idea. Anyone have a guess for what they'll use it for?
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