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Hi guys,

Long time reader of the site but new to the forum. I'm assuming this has probably been beaten to death but I couldn't find any threads answering my question specifically.

I'm running Mac OS X and downloaded macfuse to get NTFS support working. I transfer files around 6GB in size onto a usb flashdrive that is formatted for NTFS. The problem is (as everyone knows) that it's deathly slow. A 6GB file can take 3+ hours.

My question is has NTFS support been built in (or improved) to the newest Mac OS X, or is this still on the wish list (Mac OSX 10.7?) ? Anything I can use aside from MacFuse that would be faster? I would love to be able to transfer files at the speed of FAT32.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated

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Begs the question why do you need NTFS in the first place?

Format with FAT32 and use encrypted zips
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I ended up finding

I deleted macfuse and installed this and I'm getting much better speeds. The same file that took two and a half hours before now only takes 30 minutes
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