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I see that most people resort to digital camera photos of the display screen (medium to poor quality) to make a presentation of the steps in an OS X installation. I want to make a high quality presentation using the original screens that appear during the OS X installation, starting with the screen for choosing the base language. These are probably PNG files, but where are they hidden? Where can I find these in the OS install DVD? I tried Pacifist, but it can only find the files that should be installed. The step-by-step splash screens are not found by Pacifist. I tried a utility called "unpkg" on the file "OSInstall.pkg", and I tried on the file "OSInstall.mpgk", but in both cases there were no image files in the two expanded folders. I looked at the Contents of all the .app files in the DVD, but no images of any of the step-by-step screens. Any clues?