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Game Center not compatible with iPhone 3G in iOS 4.1 beta 3 - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Parsec View Post

Exactly, there is no permanent fix. A full reinstall works because it reboots the phone, which helps for a day or so.

Originally Posted by RicMac View Post

I wonder why iOS 4 isn't slow for me, like, it does NOT take 5 seconds to load a web page. I wonder why my experience of iOS 4 IS NOT that it is "a mess right now."

I wonder if you are stating your OPINION and not any real facts??????

Well many here are talking about speed.
All I can state as fact is i have 3.0 3G
neighboor has ios 4, 3GS and says a lot of the time a page can take a while to load.
I wonder if it's like when they released 3.0. Until eveyone had it, not having it out a caused slow speeds everywhere. Just an idea.
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Originally Posted by razorpit View Post

I have no idea what your point is. To answer you question though, no I didn't go to that previously unknown link before I connected my iPhone to iTunes and received the update message from Apple.

Just to see if there was some reason for the link you posted other than the part I did go to the link you provided and after reading it a few times I still can't find the part that says, "This update will slow iPhone 3G's performance to an almost unusable level. Only apply update if you are justifying the purchase of an iPhone 4."

Again people, I don't think anyone who has a 3G was expecting some sort of miracle performance. For those of us that have this slow-down issue know how real it is. For those that don't, well consider yourself lucky. You will just have to take our word on how bad it is.

How happy would you be if you had to wait 40 seconds for your iPod app to open because it timed out the first time you tapped the icon and almost timed out the second time?

People on these message boards have updates that go bad from time to time. Just because it didn't happen to me doesn't mean I don't believe them. Nor do I tell them to go buy a new machine. Remember, Apple just stopped selling 3G phones a few weeks ago.

How happy would I be? Well I wouldn't be happy but I wouldn't be surprised and I would start saving for the latest and greatest. I think you are old enough to know that when hardware evolves, the software evolves with it and they are on par with each other, resulting any new software to be less stable and not as fast on the last generation hardware. This has always been the case. With Mac's and now certainly with their phones. How is this all a shock to you?

My iPhone 3GS hiccups often and while I do find it annoying, I am not furious that Apple is not spending the money on optimizing old hardware. If Apple optimized their software to run excellent on all prior devices it would not give people much of a reason to upgrade, unless video chat and the new display were an important enough of a reason.
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Originally Posted by paxman View Post

Well, yes and no. I took the former because I am a sucker for upgrades and often go against my better judgement. I then reverted. But all this was only a temporary measure while I was waiting to become eligible for an upgrade. Now I am but the iPhone4 cannot be had for love nor money in my part of Canada. Arrrgh... the trials and tribulations I must endure....

Odd... I spent a whole 15 minutes in line last Friday - got a lovely 32GB iPhone 4 from Fido.

Hundreds of people standing in line at the Apple store but I'm not sure why as Bell, Rogers, Telus and Fido all had lines of 10 or fewer people.

Still wondering what the sales where like in Canada. Anyone know?
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Originally Posted by razorpit View Post

That worked for me for about two weeks before everything slowed down again.

So do it again.
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