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To anyone who works in the advertising industry doing graphic design, your help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm in my third year at the Savannah College of Art and Design (the SCAD in SCADboy), and am currently working on a research project. One aspect of the project is to interview an individual who works in the advertising field.

The interview would cover the following topics:

your position in the company - basically what you do on a daily basis

the type of clients your company deals with, and the type of media your company specializs in

a basic overview of your workflow, how a job goes from concept to production, and the responsibilities of those involved

how ideas are generally presented to your clients, how the client provides feedback, and how that feedback is assimilated

If you're interested in participating, please either email me at or respond to this forum. I will email you the specific questions, or we could instant message, whatever your comfortable with and your schedule allows for.

If at all possible, I'd also like specific examples of work your company has done for clients, but this is not a requirement.

I'd greatly appreciate any help with this!



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my other signature is witty
my other signature is witty