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AAPL deal with LiquidMetal (LQMT) is GREAT!

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Thank you AppleInsider for being so prompt in posting this article. Got some LQMT around 0.40, stock closed today at 0.88.

Anybody have any idea how this deal work? Who will be making the metal casing? Now that AAPL got the Patents, will LQMT also become a supplier to AAPL? Or will AAPL have somebody else to help produce the metals?

If LQMT will be supplying the parts to AAPL, how fast could they ramp? What investments are necessary to ramp up to meet AAPL demands?

apparently LQMT just got a new CEO today. "Effective August 5, 2010, the Board of Directors of Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (the Company) appointed Thomas Steipp to serve as the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Steipp was also appointed as a member of the Company's Board of Directors. As President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Steipp will be the Company's principal executive officer.
Mr. Steipp, who is [60] years of age, previously served in various roles at Symmetricom, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM), a publicly traded provider of products for communications infrastructure and systems. Before his retirement from Symmetricom in June 2009, Mr. Steipp served as Symmetricom’s Chief Executive Officer from December 1998 to June 2009"

In connection with the commencement of his employment and pursuant to a Restricted Stock Award Agreement dated August 5, 2010 (the Restricted Stock Agreement), Mr. Steipp was also granted an aggregate of 6.0 million restricted shares of the Company's common stock, which stock will vest in one-fifth increments on each anniversary of his employment with the Company.

This makes a lot more sense if LQMT will be supplying Apple. Otherwise, I don't see how Steipp will be coming out of semi-retirement, and take over this pink sheet, almost bankrupt company.

If LQMT will be supplying Apple,
from earlier AI article:
"Pegatron is expected to start mass production in December and will supply to both US-based Verizon Wireless and China-based China Telecom," the report said. "The CDMA iPhone's back plate will be forged from metal materials and will feature an integrated antenna."

If this is LQMT's liquid metal for the back plate, it could potentially be used in iPads, iPods, and other iPhones. It will significantly raise awareness of LQMT's liquid metal everywhere around the world. This could be huge for the company. All the opportunities outside of consumer electronics could be massive.
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New INFO. Liquid Metal will be used by Apple. Cost for a regular customer is around $120 per sq ft, at 20 mm thickness. You could fit 12 Apple iPhones on a sq ft. So max, assuming $0 of Apple massive volume discount, is $10 per phone. I think it cost a lot more for those gorilla glasses, if you include all the milling involved. The gorilla glass for the white phone was rumored to be produced at 3 per hour per machine. Clearly this will be less likely to be a bottleneck. The guys at the liquid metal shop, apparently got the memo of Apple using their product on Sunday. It supposedly will use a dipping process, and include circuitry (antenna?). But clearly, this will dramatically change this company.
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Don't know what everyone thinks, but $10 per share = $500 Mil market cap. Which is possible if Apple expand it to all the iPod, iPad, and iPhones.

Don't know how much orders will come in the day after Steve hold it up on the stage, and declare it the miracle liquid metal.

Anybody else out there buying the company?

Still long and strong...
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