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Originally Posted by Postulant View Post

And judging by the phones demoed on their website, it appears they are correct.

I haven't seen the site lately, but didn't the remove some of the videos? I wonder why.

I just made two replies to the same post. Boy, you were WAYYYY off on this one Postulant. Your comments really made you look like a.... oops. Don't want to get anymore points. I'm already teetering on the brink of being banned again.

But that comes with the territory when you are unflinchingly honest. I would think the posters here might find that refreshing after all the hero worshiping that goes on here.

You people really are... oops! Almost did it again. No name calling allowed. Wouldn't want to make anyone here start balling.
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Originally Posted by Blackintosh View Post

Funny how Apple and china unicorn are giving out free cases to solve a non existent problem. After all, the antenna experts on the Apple Insider forum say this problem was "made up".

By the way, my phone did it before I got my case, but I make up everything too.

Notice, I said recent ones. When did you get yours? Point is this was easily fixed and thus offering them in China may be pointless at this point since the problem likely doesn't exist anymore.
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Originally Posted by Blackintosh View Post

And when someone asked him if he paid too much for his apple products, did he just chuckle and say "no"?

When he couldn't visit his favorite website because his iPhone or iPad has no flash, did he just chuckle and say no?

When he couldn't tether his iPhone before ATT got their "rape me" data plans in place, did it bother him or did he just chuckle and say no?

And on and on. Don't know what's worse, being a fanboi or being an arrogant fanboi. This is why people outside the cult of Mac think Apple customers are nuts.

I didn't realize the $199 for the iPhone was actually more than the $199 on a Droid X with a 2 year contract.

Most of my favorite websites have "mobile" versions of sites anymore that are more useful than a bloated site on flash (btw flash sites don't work all that well on Android either)

With large scale corporate data plans (which he has) tethering isn't all that bad.

I'm not sure what is worse either, Fandroids or Arrogant Fandroids that don't realize without the iPhone, the Android OS would still look and work like Blackberries from 5 years ago.

Not saying that the Android is a bad platform, I don't have an issue with the platform or most people that use them. Many of my friends use droids, many of my friends use iPhones, it IS possible to live in harmony. I was simply stating that I feel the antenna attenuation issue may have been a bit overplayed, if it were a design issue ALL of them would have the problem, but many have stated that is not the case.

I'm done feeding the troll
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Originally Posted by Blackintosh View Post

Hold it just a minute. Reality police are on the way.

Apple did not initially admit to making a mistake. At first they said nothing and customers were bouncing back and forth between blaming ATT and Apple.

Then the first word we heard was "don't hold it that way." And the fanatics scrambled around trying to prove the email was false. But it wasn't.

Apple finally spoke up and did so with such arrogance it was disgusting. Even Macworld said so.

"We love our customers" Jobs said. "If you don't know that about Apple, then you don't know Apple."

What kind of humble apology was that? Can you imagine if you made an apology like that? Try this on for size.

"Yeah honey, I cheated on you. But I'm not perfect. I love YOU. If you don't know that about me, then you don't know me."

I guess Mrs. Jobs would end up apologizing to Steve, but my wife would punch me in the face.,

I don't need an apology from Steve. Why do you feel everyone needs one?
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Originally Posted by Blackintosh View Post

What of others? Are you the only person in the world?

Unfortunately no .... you're here too.
Apple is not Appl ...... Please learn the difference!    
Apple is not Appl ...... Please learn the difference!    
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Originally Posted by Postulant View Post

However, I do approve of your wife punching you in the face.

HaHa .... man, I wish I'd thought of that .... that's truly funny!
Apple is not Appl ...... Please learn the difference!    
Apple is not Appl ...... Please learn the difference!    
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This has been bothering me for a while. And it is not a rant about China's govt or censorship (and I hope the discussion that follows doesn't go this route), more on Apple's complicity and its use developer's hard work to fund its entry into China. Also please, no comments about this commenter about not knowing the Chinese "way" and that we must accept it. This is the world's second biggest economy, should all international commerce rules be re-written? Without further ado...

4 points

1. China has the most potential for Apple's products, it is growing and has the means to greatly lift Apple's profits. China's number one mobile operator has been forced to use proprietary substandard TDS-CDMA network technology for 3G, # 2 Unicom is poorly managed but at least its 3G standard meets international standards. #3 uses cdma. All 3 are government owned and leaders are appointed by the Central Committee (like the other big companies in China). Looking at the choices, Apple could only partner with Unicom... but it is a deal with the devil.

2. Many proponents of jailbreaking ascribe to the view that it is their right to use their legally bought hardware in any way they choose; Apple should not be the arbiter of what is deemed appropriate. Okay, but what is the response if that jailbreak is used to defraud app developers? This is the case in China.

3. Go to any market in Beijing - any - and for 50-80rmb your phone will be jailbroken, they will also sell you any size iPad, iPhone, Touch you need. Each comes with Cydia (the jailbreak) and two other icons. One figures out your phone number and sends constant text messages to you, the other is 91.com. 91.com is one of China's premier software piracy download sites. This icon gives you access to all of the 'paid' apps on the App store. It doesn't list free apps, but there is a twist. See, all the paid apps are 'free.'

Try for yourself (don't touch the English tab, it is a ruse, just use google translate). Touch the iPhone column, find the search box and type in your favorite app. For sake of argument, let's use Flight Control HD, $4.99 on the app store. On 91.com it is free (免费). I track downloads of my apps and the ratio is 96% of them are downloaded illegally in China. Less than one percent in Japan, by comparison. Other developers I have talked to have over a million illegal downloads in China.

4. The almost final point. So why is Apple complicit? Look at this. And then look at the banner. For as long as I can remember, the banner ad has been China Unicom. To make it more clear: Apple's legal distribution partner in China advertises iPhones on the #1 iPhone app piracy site. This must be apparent to Apple (piracy@apple.com, let me know if they respond).

One more... useful to go to taobao.com (China's Ebay) and type in iTunes into the search box...
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Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

Actually, I think Steve Jobs would agree with me if in fact what I think has been done has been done. The design was fine the way it was.

I'm not saying I'm not happy with the phone, it has lots of good things about it, I'm just saying that I'm disappointed that it looks rather unlike the photos you see on the web or in the advertising.

This is either a case of the advertising being very, very "rosy" to the point of being slightly misleading, or ...

... they have put some kind of coating on the metal that changes the colour and sheen of the thing substantially.

PS - I'm not going to post a picture, because I don't have a way to do that at the moment, I'm minutes away from leaving to get it fixed, and I can only take a picture of it with my old iPhone 3Gs, which doesn't have the clarity or the colour reproduction necessary to see what I'm talking about. If in fact they have put a coating on, there will no doubt be comparison sites by folks that have better cameras than me eventually.

I held one in person yesterday. Seemed reasonable to me, honestly. Sure, the metal isn't like super-shiny, but that's also why real demo units are available at all Apple Stores and a lot of the telco shops.

Overall the most interesting thing was the weight and solidness of it. The screen of course, is insanely crisp.

Looking again at the Apple homepage the photo matches my expectations and experience when holding the iPhone4.

Now, the only thing is, if this iPhone4 was produced before the modifications you suggest have been made.

Keep us updated if you see comparison shots by anyone out there on the Intarwebs.
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