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Originally Posted by nkhm View Post

I see, and would you care to list a single streaming provider who streams in 1080, or a single telecoms company that would provide high enough bandwidth to allow that?

PS. 1080 isn't a standard, it's one of an option of resolutions, all of which are referred to as HD, which includes 720.

Zune Marketplace does 1080p on the Xbox 360 and Zune SW, also gives the ability to buy or rent movies or TV shows.

Microsoft rolled that service out over a year ago.

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Why are people not understanding Apple's strategy regarding Apple TV? They want you to use the apps on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and computer and stream the content to your tv when desirable. It's an elegant solution for those of us who like the functionality of Apple products. And who needs a hard drive when most content is going to be stored in the cloud be it Netflix, DropBox or MobileMe, whether you own it, rent it or subscribe to it. I guarantee you content providers are going to be clamoring to be featured on this platform be it through apps for the iPhone or iPad or through iTunes. I truly believe we will look back at this as beginning of the end for broadcast networks as our primary source for entertainment.
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Originally Posted by Blackintosh View Post

I like the price. This way, when you find out all the things it can't do under iOS, it will hurt less.

So... Are you going to get one?
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Originally Posted by Xverse10 View Post

What I don't understand why HBO and Showtime is not on board for $0.99 TV Show Rentals? You would think that something like this they be first in line!

HBO is waiting to release their AppleTv app: HBOGo. They'll continue to charge 1.99 for a single episodes, but allow folks to buy 1 year of unlimited on-demand access to their library (past current and future original programming) for $99.

We will see the same from Showtime, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Comedy central, etc... This is the end game for apple tv: delivering the app experience (that everyone knows and loves) to the living room tv.
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Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

But you don't understand -- anything less than 1080p isn't fully geek-compliant, and therefore is an instant fail!

There are plenty of reasons that any given individual might choose not to buy the new Apple TV, but anyone who doesn't buy an Apple TV for the sole reason that it is 720 instead of 1080 has a screw loose. I realize that that some tech geeks have a mental block about buying something that doesn't have the latest and greatest specs known to man, but this one in particular is ridiculous. If it were the difference between SD and HD, then I would agree...but this is comparing 720 to 1080. We have all read the tech articles about how the human eye can't distinguish between the two unless you are way too close to the screen on a huge sized HDTV. And if you are sitting this close you have bigger problems.

I would much rather apple go with 720 and stay there in order to have great performance. Very few people will see a difference with 720, but we would all notice a huge performance decrease if they were trying to push a 1080 signal around wirelessly. 720 is definitely the smart way to go.
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[I believe the new apple TV is a step backwards,
I own the old one , and honestly it is not a buy from the iTunes store machine.
Bad move...
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With tv, Apple has created the platform that is going to rule home entertainment.

There will be IOS updates and apps that I can't imagine, but Steve Jobs can and he will implement them.

For now I am thrilled to be receiving my own tv, it's due to arrive tomorrow.
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