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Could anyone give me some help here? I am looking for a list that tells me when holidays are, and why.
I want a list that says, "Thanksgiving 2002 is November 28. Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday of November." So far I have only found lists of when the holidays are, but the lists never tell me why they are those days. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Why not just get a calender? They usually tell the holidays.
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Google is your friend

Searched "History of holidays":
<a href="http://www.billpetro.com/HolidayHistory/" target="_blank">http://www.billpetro.com/HolidayHistory/</a>
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[quote]Originally posted by EmAn:
<strong>Why not just get a calender? They usually tell the holidays.</strong><hr></blockquote>
Yes, but they don't tell me why Thanksgiving or Easter are on those days.

[quote]Originally posted by kaboom:
<strong>Google is your friend

Searched "History of holidays":</strong><hr></blockquote>
Yeah, Google is usually my friend, but I was searching for "Holiday Dates" and had no luck. THanks for the help.

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