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I was more interested in not doing the military as a career, more for just my four years, make captain, and walk away from it a better person.

My track anyway was this...

Marines--> Force Recon --> Ranger School

Since Marines are eligible for Ranger School if your MOS qualifies you for it. I'd just get out being a Ranger Qualified Marine, I wouldn't actually join a ranger batallion.

That was my little dream... but I would seriously questiongoing through with it if it meant losing someone I love, or if it meant sacrificing a better career. Probably the main reason I wanted to be a Marine Intel Officer was because for a lot of people, that leads to a career track in the CIA or similar intelligence agency. That stuff has always fascinated me.

But when I have to think about it in terms of reality, and as a real career, I have to associate real life issues with it. Both the Marines and maybe a career with the CIA are great dreams... but I'd lose a lot. I'm familiar with the difficulties of having a military family, and I'd sacrifice so much of my life just being in the CIA.

All of this has given me time to think.... *shrugs*

I'll figure it out. My gf and I, and she says we're not broken up, we're just 'separated' currently, will talk in about a week about everything, figure out wtf is going on, and piece things back together from there. Hurry up and wait...

I'll figure it all out. I need to get away from this damn computer...