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Copy web page into word...

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Excuse me if I repeat myself but so far some have had trouble understanding what I am asking so I am trying to describe as much as I can with my limited knowledge...I am trying to get study materials copied into word so from a website, we use for homework assignments, that I can edit them for my midterm studies (remove things I don't need, highlight vocab, etc...)

I am trying to copy a protected web page into word. The page does not allow copying by either control+C or Edit>copy functions so I used save as to turn it into text but the hours of formatting needed to make the text usable is unbearable especially since I am looking at 50 chapters of data and only have one week 'till the test. Help.

Can someone help me save it so it is exactly as it appears online but a word document?

I can use "save page as" but Word does not open the file...when I do save as Web page, HTML only or save as Web page, complete the file extension is aspx.htm and when I try to open it in word I get the error message "document name or path is not valid". Now FireFox opens the saved files with no problem.

I need help turning a web page into a .doc with the same format and look of the original web page.

I need to copy a web page, that has disabled all copy functions, into word so that it looks identical to what is online...so far I have managed to save the page as text but the product in not user friendly.

I need to know how to save the web page so that it can be opened/used/edited in word. I know it can be done but just don't know how to do it...
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In the future, don't create duplicate threads.

Can we have a link to this page? I'd like to try a few things out to see if they'd work.
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