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Argentina Football(soccer) Legend (BBC) :Maradonna

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Here is a quote from Argentina's football
legend quoted in BBC World Cup Page:
(Maradonna is Argentina's soccer/football
legend who was denied entry into Japan for past drug abuse):

Read this:

Sunday, 9 June, 2002, 22:44 GMT 23:44 UK
Maradona will arrive late

Maradona: Much maligned for using drugs
England's sweet revenge

Football legend Diego Maradona is set to arrive in Japan - but not until after Argentina's crucial final group game with Sweden on Wednesday.

The former Argentina skipper was initially barred from Japan because of his history of drug abuse.

But Justice Minister Mayumi Moriyama approved his entry after considering the Maradona's iconic status in world football.

My conscience is clear because I did not do anything wrong

However, the formalities are still being finalised which is why Maradona will not arrive until after the final group F game.

Argentina have to beat group-leaders Sweden if they are to advance to the knockout stages of the World Cup.

Maradona, who led Argentina to World Cup glory in 1986, was originally expected to arrive in Japan on Monday.

Approval came after the Argentine government submitted an official request to the Japanese embassy in Buenos Aires requesting that Maradona be allowed entry as the country's tourism and sports envoy.

Earlier in the week, the revered striker attacked the Japanese authorities who dashed his hopes of attending the World Cup.

"I did not kill anybody and I respect Japanese laws," he told US cable TV station Fox Sports.

"I did not throw any nuclear bombs at them. If they want to safeguard their country, the Japanese would not have allowed any of the United States players in."

Maradona, who was sent home from World Cup 94 after failing a drugs test, had a long wait before finally being notified that his visa had been turned down.

"I requested the visa six months ago but I was refused and that is extremely cruel," he said.

"However, my conscience is clear because I did not do anything wrong."

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Who ate all the pies, the burgers and the fries...
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It is plain stupid to not let him in because of his drug abuse record. As long as he does not take drugs into the country there is no reason for not letting him in.
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Their country, their rules.

He sounds like a child.
proud resident of a failed state
proud resident of a failed state
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Maradonna is the quintessential primadonna, the epitomy of the spoiled, jaded, and dumb sub-human. He possesses inane talent for people too delusional and pathetic to see that there are more important things like integrity and intelligence. He represents everything wrong with not only sport, but also the human species in general and as a whole. You can place him in a cage with Mike Tyson where they both belong.

Whoops, just noticed his cheap shot at the US. Well, as expected...

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