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Okay, tried a different forum with no luck. Hopefully someone can help. I just purchased an MBP 13.3". Also purchased a Mini DisplayPort - VGA Dongle for an HP L1908w Monitor [Monitor was existing]. I plugged it all in, MBP sees it fine. But after a period of time, the MBP screen goes blank, the external monitor turns a weird beige color, and then nothing. I have to hard boot the MBP. I unplugged all that, and can run the MBP alone with no issues at all. Runs for a full day, no issues; that both on and off the battery. I'm going to try and just plug the dongle in to see if it's that. Maybe a loose connection, but has anyone else had this issue? Or something similar? I had an old MB [White], and never had a problem with an external monitor....

Thanks in advance!