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I was really excited when FaceTime was advertised but can't seem to get it "activated" on my iP4. I've many of the solutions that google has pointed me to but nothing seems to work.

Details: JB and unlocked. iOS 4.1 on 1.59 BB. Phone is locked to Telus but using it on Fido (Toronto, Ontario). On prepaid, which can send and receive text messaging and called ID is included. I've tried the resetting network and all settings options.

Would it be a problem if I called Apple tech support?

Anybody else know why it's not working?

Thanks for looking!

Update: just called applecare and tried a bunch of things and still not worked. His last resort was to do a restore thru itunes. Will that lose my JB and unlock?

Update#2: I THINK i figured out why it's not activating, I've read somewhere that facetime will not activate is my iP4 was activated with an addressbook SIM. How do I uninstall my unlock?