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Back when Bush was president, the left fixated on a few things about him. The noted he lost the popular vote in 2000, declared he wasn't truly elected president, and then pretty much started going from middle of the road on the various wars on terror to using them for purely political purposes and to get elected.

Bush was not very conservative at all and coming around with his new book reminds us all of that fact. He was deliberately middle ground especially right after 2000 and remained so through out office. To this day the Republican party is fighting for control of itself between true conservatives and Rockefeller Republicans or RINOs in my opinion.

Bush created a new prescription drug benefit. He radically expanded the Department of Education via No Child Left Behind with Ted Kennedy as co-sponsor of the bill and the man who steered it through the Senate.

Bush was clearly a Keynesian and sent out checks to promote economic growth and didn't mind deficit financing attempts at growth or large bailouts.

Bush was his Iraq plan was clearly practicing Pax Americana. He didn't intend to simply stop and disarm Iraq. They wanted to turn Iraq into the middle east version of Japan and Germany with regard to the Pacific Rim and Europe and our ability to project power and keep the peace.

Republicans and Conservatives should keep these things in mind as we begin to consider who to run for president in 2012 or how to hold a Republican House Majority responsible as well.

One thing that makes it harder to weed out RINO's is the fact that Obama clearly is Bush X3.

Instead of a prescription drug benefit, Obama has a national health plan.

Obama has not ended the war in Iraq, has not closed down Guantanamo, has not rolled back the Patriot Act, and has doubled down on Afghanistan. He clearly still practices Pax Americana and there has been no peace dividend to speak of from his administration. We have more troops deployed and more money being spent than ever.

If Bush was a Keynesian, Obama and the Democratic Congress were super-Keynesians. They have spent approximately three trillion dollars over the last two years trying to stimulate economic demand. Likewise the Fed Chair nominated by Bush, Ben Bernarke, was renominated Obama and approved by the Democratic Senate. The Fed has been printing money like mad to buy up government debt since few others are interested in buying it anymore.

So the purpose of the thread is to show how instead of change from Bush we got even more of the same and how both segments of the Democrat and Republican party under control of corporate and leftist elements.

If this is so obvious, why can't it be stopped? My view is that these elements (both left and right) use racism and sexism charges to largely suspend criticism or even critical thought related to many of their policies. Some examples...

Free trade: It is clear the U.S. is losing out from free trade. Countries with much lower living standards, environmental standards and who will debase their currency all harm us economically. When discussion about these points is attempted it is instead dismissed as racist and xenophobic to oppose free trade.

Secure Borders/Immigration "Reform": I put reform in quotes because we largely do not enforce our own immigration laws. They would be effective if enforced so the reform involves actual enforcing them. We could easily deal with our border if we so chose to do so. It would be especially easy to deal with it if our troops weren't policing the world and instead were protecting home. Finally when one in ten adults in the United States is an immigrant and one in four adults in California is an immigrant, no reform reflects intolerance or xenophobia. There simply must be rule of law, a chance for the many to be come one and yes that one will reflect the changes brought by those many, and finally things need to be above the table with regard to wages and taxes and REMITTANCES. Any attempt to deal with these issues right now is treated as racist. The people saying this want their cheap exploitable labor and they want the middle class to pay for what that labor uses in terms of government services so it's easy for them to claim this.

We need to turn off the -isms before we can turn on the thought process.

Huffington Post now tells us that the Bush Tax Cuts will become... The Obama Tax Cuts.

Obama ignores science to press his agenda in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama desperate to grow the economy will now keep tax rates the same. However who can you tax when energy costs are too high to produce and the money is still flying out the door on misguided priorities.

I really wonder how much longer we can continue on this path. We cannot have a semi-Republican win in 2012 and only get us back to before Obama levels/aka Bush levels of spending. We need real belt tightening and the ability to generate real economic growth while also protecting ourselves from currency manipulating (though ironically we are now the ones manipulating it.)

What can be done and who can do it?

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." -George Orwell


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." -George Orwell