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Keyboard/mice for a new iMac

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Hi there.

If you've seen my other mega-post you'll know what situation I'm in. If not, here's a simpler question which won't take quite so long to read!

I am contemplating a new iMac. I LOVE it's looks - but I really don't like the new style of keyboard. It looks nice and stylish on its own, but next to the mega-big new iMacs I think it looks kind of silly, such a tiny keyboard next to such a big screen.

Also, I dislike "chiclet" style keyboards. I like them to be big with regular big keys. I buy a desktop like the iMac precisely because I don't need to save space, I don't move my computer around so I don't need to have any of the compromises that go with laptops, such as a tiny keyboard and little screen - then Apple gives me a desktop with a huge screen and a tiny fiddly laptop-style keyboard.

Ideally, I'd like a really old-school keyboard like the IBM Model M like the ones at clickykeyboards.com - and I understand they also sell original Apple Extended and Extended II keyboards which have the same old-school style and quality.

Do you think I could get an old Apple keyboard to work on a modern iMac with some adaptors? Are there any keys modern Macs need to have on the keyboard it wouldn't have. I know an old keyboard would look odd next to a new iMac but I'd quite like the juxtaposition of old and new styles and anyway I think the new keyboard looks silly anyway.

Failing that, I have one of the white USB keyboards which came with my old iMac G5 - would that be a better compromise? It's at least an OSX-era keyboard and presumably would work okay on a modern Mac?

If none of the above are good options, do any manufacturers make keyboards for the new iMac range which are standard-sized but match the look of the iMac? Or would any standard keyboard work on a Mac?

Any thoughts?
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Any new keyboard is going to work on a Mac. The Windows key gets mapped to Command.

The question is if you'll be able to learn the function keys and remember which ones control volume and other OSX features.
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Thanks again for your help SMAX. I think I might try my G5 keyboard on any future Mac as that is at least a OSX-generation USB keyboard so should be OK, or I might get a das keyboard which I think has a Mac version now.
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