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Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

What's the point of making a post that's just an insult?

I can't report you because I've tried similar in the past and I know the mods don't consider this to be a "violation" in their eyes, but try to be an upstanding citizen and keep your bigotry to yourself, please. All you have to do is swap in a race, or a religious minority for your dig (which is aimed at women and presumably gay men), to see how offensive it is.

Try being a grown up and stop posting stuff like this. It might have been a funny remark in 1965, but it's just lame and offensive in today's world.


Originally Posted by melgross View Post

As a mod, I wouldn't delete a post because of it. Of course, there are different ways of saying something. If it's said as part of a serious discussion of likes and dislikes, then there's certainly nothing wrong with it. I did comment on his post though, because several male reviewers did say they wished they could get the white model. I doubt that's restricted to just women.

I also responded because his post was negative in intention, and I wanted to break the idea he was floating as a negative remark. I do think we have to be careful. It seems as though making remarks about what women will like or not is acceptable, but making the exact same remark substituting race, religion or ethnic background is not, and people should keep that in mind when posting remarks, and the intent behind the post.

Ahh I did it again. I apologize for posting with such an angry/attacking tone, I do get easily heated when it comes to society getting too sensitive over sexism/racism. I stand by my opinion that going off on someone for saying women like white iPhones is too sensitive, though. I'll try to be careful as to how i present my stance and ideas in the future.
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Originally Posted by Mr Underhill View Post

Females will love this

Personally, I'd prefer a Product (RED) iPad.
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everyone knows you can get it from www.cnn.cn or www.ipatchup.com, its just a damn housing. people saying they are testing for apple to make themselves feel cool? i mean come on..damn fanboys
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Originally Posted by JeffDM View Post

It is surprising how much the light bleeds through the black panel. White doesn't stand much chance to block it.

Yes, but if there's black paint behind that, it would work. I have no idea how Apple is doing this, and they obviously have problems that are serious or it would be out by now. But at first, we were reading that the problem was that they could only make these very slowly, and that they were waiting for sufficient supplies. Now, we read this. It's difficult to know what the truth really is.

It just doesn't seem like such a difficult problem to solve. There are a lot of ways they could do it, though all would cost more. They could bond a very thin layer of metal behind the white paint. A couple tens thick would do. I can think of a number of other methods. It makes me wonder if this is really the problem.
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This flash problem looks all too familiar.

Recently I purchased an aftermarket back-plate for my iPhone 4. They key problem with it is that it didn't include a grommet-style ring to block the flash LED from the camera itself. The end result was exactly as this movie depicted.

Here's a few pictures that I took to show the issue:

And now, the actual photos the iPhone camera had a problem taking with the flash off, and then on:

My hunch is that this mysterious white iPhone has the same issue, and likely isn't a "tester" directly from Apple.
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