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Time Capsule, Xbox and NAT settings.

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Hello there..
I recently moved to a new a apartment and since then, am I having nothing but trouble. I've been struggling with the NAT setting on my iMac, because of bad connections and warnings on my Xbox. I want to change the settings from "strict" to "open", but I have no idea how?...
I use the newest Time Capsule and my iMac is from late 2009.

PS:In my last apartment I had one modem and a Time Capsule. The modem supplied the Internet from our TV cable (I think) and then my Time Capsule that took the internet and made it wireless. I don't know if it's any help, but we didn't have any problems back then.
Now we only have my Time Capsule, that's using a regular internet cable from a little tiny white box that's hanging on our kitchen wall.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Open AirPort Utility.
  2. Select your device and click "Manual Setup".
  3. Click the "Internet" tab.
  4. Click the "NAT".
  5. Make sure that "Enable NAT Port Mapping Protocl" is checked.
  6. Reboot the router.

If this doesn't work, you may have to simply assign a static IP to the XBox and then make it the default host or setup port forwarding for the port ranges you wish to use with your various devices.
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