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This one has me perplexed. I do periodic backups of my iTunes library via the iTunes function. I haven't had any trouble with this until 10.1.1, where the backup starts fine, it asks for a disk, and I give it a DVD per usual. It then tells me i'll need 4 disks, and I tell it to continue. Then...nothing. The burn never starts, and even after waiting a very long time, I can simply eject the still blank DVD.

So, I figure I'll do a complete backup of all my purchases (not just the 'since last backup' ones.) I start the procedure, and iTunes tells me I'll need 20 disks. After the 7th, iTunes asks for a disk...and then same as before, just stops, leaving a blank DVD in the drive. An incremental backup reports the same as the first instance - reporting 4 disks, but then never starting.

The usual tricks of restart, reload of iTunes etc don't repair. Even dumped the caches and preferences. No dice.

OSX 10.6.5 on a mid 2008 iMac. Didn't notice a problem until 10.1.1.