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Software Updates

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Hi, I'm very new to Macs to I'll apologize for my ignorance in advance.

I opened iTunes and was told there was a new version and did I want to upgrade. I said yes. Everything seemed to run smoothly and it looked like it was downloading other software updates in addition to iTunes, but I could be mistaken. All of a suddenia separate box opens and says I need to close iTunes, so I do, but the box telling me to close iTunes doesn't go away. The software update continues and continues and continues but never seems to finish. I end up quitting the installation.

Any help would be appreciated, and again, sorry if this is a stupid post.
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Are you updating using a wifi connection ?
That can be problematic on occasion for any computer.

It's always best to be hard wired but heck I update using wifi all the time.
That said, I have had the odd update fail.
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Try it again without any programs running and let it run through to completion.

You did quit iTunes right? Or did you just close the window?
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