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(but some would disagree with the enforcability of this) dynamic run-time linking.).

The FSF might claim this but they'll likely never sue over it. Even static linking is iffy. They might lose and suddenly GPL turns into LGPL. The key is what constitutes a derivative work. No derivative work and it doesn't matter. Now linking (static or dynamic) probably implies that one is a derivative work of the other but it's not always so. If I had developed a proprietary library/subcomponent/plugin prior to writing a GPL'd project and used it in other systems you going to have an impossible time selling the idea to the court that this is a derivative work and is governed by the GPL license just because I reused it with other GPL code. The argument would be that this is aggregation and not derivation. I would have to release all project code that was a derivative of other GPL code.

I would find that pretty funny but freetards wouldn't and RMS isn't stupid. Even if he was eben would stop him.