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MBP shuts down/won't boot up

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This is my first post, but I've read all the threads in hopes of fixing my MBP without having to post this... to no avail.

Here's what happens, when my MBP is on, it will shut down without warning, whether plugged in or not. Once it shuts down, it will not boot up, shut down during the boot up cycle, or a few minutes after I get it up again. I am running leopard. My apple care just ran out so I'm learning on the fly. Please help!

Here is what I've done to remedy the problem.
-replace logic board (apple care)
-replace battery 2x (apple care)
-SMC reset
-PRAM reset
-physically remove/reinstall memory
-boot in safe mode (it has not completed to safe boot yet, just keeps shutting down after a few mins)
-boot in single user mode and entered some codes I found on this site (fsck)
-booted with and without battery
-reinstalled OS X, using archive and reinstall (this seemed to fix it, but since I didn't run the machine for long before I installed the leopard 10.5.1 upgrade, I don't know if this actually fixed the problem or not.)
-reinstalled leopard 10.5.1 upgrade

After all the above was down, I thought I was in the clear, but as soon as I started moving my archived files around, the machine died again. I tried to reboot about 10 times, most times it didn't even make it to the start-up tone before dying again. After another SMC and PRAM reset, I was back on to transferring files again...then it died again. Tried to safe boot it but it died again before the boot was complete.

I hear the fans working so it's not too hot, plus it never stays on long enough to get hot. What could the problem be? Is the internal thermometer telling the machine to shut down? At this point, that's the only thing I can think of, if such a thing even exists.

Please help!
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Hello members, I don't know if I am writing in good board but I have a problem with activation, link I recieved in email is not working for me

what now?
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