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European publishers feel 'betrayed' by Apple's iOS app subscriptions - Page 5

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Originally Posted by asdasd View Post

Yeah, why not.


EDIT: to be fair that wasn't Q&A but a subsequent business interview on Fox.

Thanks for the link - not sure how I missed it. So 30% it is for now. As a publisher, it might still be possible for NewsCorp to make some money. During the Q&A, Murdoch said that The Daily operation costs under 500k per week (before any advertising or subscriptions). Still it seems too much to me. And then there is this which does not bode well:

The people who are really being squeezed by any in-app purchase share is other retailers who are themselves only getting a cut of of the retail price.
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Ignoring the fact that this is being forced on the publishers. If you just want to recieve payments in this way, all Apple is doing is acting as a payment gateway. PayPal only charge 5% to take payments for you so 30% is just extreme.
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Magazines make most of their profit from advertising.
Major magazines make most of their sales through newsstands - airports, grocery stores, book stores, etc. - these all take 40% to 50% of the sales price - and some like Wall Mart even more. Why aren't these publishers complaining about these rates? Because any one of them would would be dancing i n the streets if they were invited to be distributed through these channels. And the ones that are there are not complaining. This is the way the publishing world has always worked. The distributors and retail outlets get the lions share of sales revenue - the periodical publisher gets the advertising revenue - and they all need each other for the whole dance to continue.
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Man you people cry like a bunch of babies in a day care.

1st) Its Apples right to charge for the use of thier service.
2nd) Apple is protecting thier users from being ripped off.
3rd) Yes go buy a shitty android tablet hmm 16% return rate doesnt sound good.
And if anyone reads at all all Apple wants is for thier users to have a choice and the publisers dont want Apple users to have it its like buying a car and let someone else drive it for free. It all comes down to this insted of crying go buy the android and it will probley end up like the Hmmm Beta max anyone remmber that or how about the HD dvd players. why isnt everyone crying foul when sony won that battle with BLUE RAY they get a cut on all movies in BLUE RAY format oh but thats ok....

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  • European publishers feel 'betrayed' by Apple's iOS app subscriptions
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