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The Unbelievable lenghts that spammers will go to

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This was in my mailbox today and is of course,spam.By the way I am only quoting this for documentation purposes,this is not in any way an endorsment.Do not buy this product:


Annoyed with all the spam you get in your inbox? Angry about losing time deleting all that junk email? Want to eliminate this irritating stuff?

We thought so! Here is your way to get control over that ever increasing flood of annoying and time-wasting email - at home or at work - with iHateSpam Version 3.0. It takes 1 minute to install (no technical mumbo-jumbo or passwords to input) and is super easy to use. iHateSpam really will dramatically reduce your spam --guaranteed-- and give you more time for better things!

If you run Outlook or Outlook Express, take advantage of this dirt cheap, limited time Intro Offer: Just $19.95! It's a true no-brainer, especially if you know that iHateSpam comes with mainframe quality tech support from the world's fastest growing provider of Windows system management tools: Sunbelt Software. Here are some existing happy customers:

"I just came back from my 4 day holiday and I am able to get straight to work because I installed iHateSpam. I got a total of 103 spams. How many were in my inbox? A big fat ZERO!" -- Dave Carpenter

"This product is simply wonderful! Easy to install, setup and maintain! I turned my Junk Mail rule off in Outlook. I have tried other spam products that work with Outlook 2000/XP but nothing that is as seamless as this. Thank-You!" -- Martha Missonis

"Thank for an intelligently designed, simple tool to fight Spam, your product is the best bet for anyone." -- James Clarkson

"I gotta tell you, I'm pretty impressed. It's very easy to use and I can just make it disappear which is fantastic. I had purchased SpamKiller but asked for my money back." -- Charles Waters

"I would have been happy if iHateSpam had cut my junk mail total in half. But in fact it slashed the total down at least 99 percent. Better yet, it is giving me back the time that spammers had stolen from me. I can't imagine booting up without this incredible software." -- Al Fasoldt, Tech Columnist at The Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse, New York.

Here is your chance to do something about spam! Get your copy now, while you still have 33% discount. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 30-day money back guarantee for your on-line purchase:

Automatically Filter All Incoming Mail

We're all sick of it! P o r n, endless special offers, "earn thousands weekly", herbal v i a g r a and all the other junk email. Your time is valuable, so having your email inbox flooded with junk messages is not only annoying but also costly. 53% of email users spend between 1 and 10 hours a month deleting annoying junk email. Protecting yourself and your family from offensive material has also become a priority.

Now, you can put a stop to it with iHateSpam - the fast, easy way to significantly reduce spam in your Outlook or Outlook Express inbox. iHateSpam works inside your email program, running quietly in the background -- filtering that time wasting, irritating junk email.
How It Works

Once iHateSpam is installed, your incoming email is rapidly analyzed against iHateSpam's spam indicators to determine if a message is spam. Suspicious emails are then placed in a special "quarantine" folder in your email system (in the Outlook Express version, they are colored red and placed in the deleted emails folder). You can tell iHateSpam to issue an alert when spam is intercepted or simply make it work quietly in the background. What you get is your time back, less irritation, and less spam in your inbox!

iHateSpam V3.0 also:

*\tImports your address book as your "Friends List".
*\tAllows you to quickly create an "Enemies List".
*\tChecks for updates every time you open your email program.
*\tFilters spam to a "quarantine" folder so you won't miss an important email. (iHateSpam for Outlook Express puts them in Deleted Items).
*\tHas a "bounce" option that attempts to fool spammers into thinking your email address is dead. Sweet Revenge!
What Email Systems Does iHateSpam Work With?

Detecting spam should not require a separate program. It should be easy to filter spam out of your inbox. That is why iHateSpam is custom-crafted to run with each email program. Right now, we have two flavors - Outlook and Outlook Express. Some good news: If you run both Outlook for yourself, and Outlook Express for other accounts or family members on the same machine, you only pay once for iHateSpam, and you are allowed to run both flavors for just $19.95: Two-for-One! (We will have a version for AOL in the next few months)
I Have A Hotmail Account. Will iHateSpam Work? Yes, but...

You need the latest version of Outlook (2002) to check Hotmail with iHateSpam. Now here's a tip: If you have web-based email, your provider may offer a fee-based option to check your email through Outlook or Outlook Express, using "POP" access. If that's the case, you can route your Web-based email to Outlook and iHateSpam will start filtering that spam!
Spam will only get worse in the future...

Just check the graph and you will see why you need a junk mail eliminator.

See what we mean? Eliminate annoying and offensive spam and get your time back. You can have it running in less than 5 minutes with a 30-day money back guarantee. (And no hanky panky with mail-in rebates or coupons either). Fight back with iHateSpam!

To get your copy now, click here:

Warm regards,

Sunbelt Software.

P.S. This really is a limited time offer. The price will definitely go up to $29.95, so get your 33% discount while you still can. This offer is subject to change without notice.

iHateSpam is a trademark of Sunbelt Software. All products mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

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Thats the longest spam I ever didn't read..
purple monkey dishwasher!
purple monkey dishwasher!
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All spammers must fvcking DIE. Thank God for the Earthlink Spaminator, that's all I have to say.

<img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />
Aldo is watching....
Aldo is watching....
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I thought it was especially obnoxous,an anti-spam e-mail that was itself spam.It seems like some kind of extortion attempt,buy our software to block the messages we are sending you.
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