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Originally Posted by stonefingers View Post

Rumors of a 3G-capable Mac have persisted for years, but the company does not yet sell a notebook with an integrated cellular data radio. Apple even sought to hire a 3G expert for its Mac team in 2009, fueling those rumors that the functionality would be added to a future MacBook.

I would seriously hope that at this point in time, if Apple were really considering this, they would really be considering 4G and beyond. What happened to forward thinking?

4G's probably not coming to the phones this year, but notebooks, with their bias toward data over talk are a better candidate. Would be nice.

Originally Posted by tomnryan View Post

Didn't Steve say "So you can't go out and ask people, you know, what the next big [thing.] There's a great quote by Henry Ford, right? He said, 'If I'd have asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me "A faster horse." ' "

Why are Apple now doing surveys? Aren't people just gonna say they need a faster Air...

I got selected for the regular survey panel that the MS Mac Office team uses - gotta say they ask good questions, give plenty of room for unstructured input as well - the whole experience seemed "unMicrosoftish," and some of what they were asking about did seem reflected in the shipping Office for Mac '11.

Apple doesn't have act on information like this, but it can hardly hurt to have it.

An iPhone, a Leatherman and thou...  ...life is complete.


An iPhone, a Leatherman and thou...  ...life is complete.

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With all the stuff out now that is 3G enabled I would really like to see carriers change their data plan structures to allow multiple devices on a plan with some option to add and remove a device (like authorizing up to 5 computers with iTunes.) Getting locked in to a contract on the latest must have gizmo only to find out I don't use it after a couple months becuse the newest greatest thing since sliced bread came out or juggling multiple "pay as you go" plans is getting old.

If I could buy a plan with a 5GB cap and use all my devices on it how I want without having to resort to setting up a hot spot or tethering I would pay a little bit more for it and probably never even max it out.
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Originally Posted by Bregalad View Post

I believe the late 2011 lineup will include a 15" Air.
I believe all 2011 Macs will have a small Air-style SSD for the operating system and applications.
The 13 and 15" MacBook Pros will trade the optical drive for more power and a bigger battery. I think the optical drive will be retained in the 2011 17" model, but be gone in 2012.
I think the desktops will retain their optical drives until the end of 2012 because there's no pressing need to use that space for something else.

As a corporate Mac user I would like to see an Ethernet port on the Air, but I keep a lot of local data so a MBPro with an SSD boot drive and traditional HD for storage makes the most sense for me.

Not sure about timing but I think you are right. Eventually there will just be a single macbook / pro line with the current air features and the pro features morphed into one notebook model only differentiated by screen size, storage options and a port or two. The smaller the screen the more portable. Probably the first generation will have legacy ports and a lightpeek port with subsequent generations just have only lightpeek ports and maybe a usb port and an SD card reader. Maybe the new airport chipset will be truly universal wifi, bluetooth, NFC / RFID , 3G (GSM / CDMA) 4G (all flavors) and maybe even WiMax. The price on cell radios is falling dramatically and multiple combination chips exist already so it won't be a stretch.
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I own an air mac 11 inch 1.6 GHz 128Gig. I'm a business analyst, travel a lot, use the air mac as a work computer every day of the week. Actually, it's so good it has quickly become my main pc. My priorities for improvement would be two basic things

Better processor - I've seen it take 2 minutes to open a big, complex spreadsheet
Better storage - at 128 gig I'm already thinking about where I save files

And I am sure these will come when technology can offer affordable options.

I'm with those that want a better synching solution for the whole Apple Ecosystem my family now runs - phones, laptops, desktops, backup services, cloud services. Multiple iTunes accounts and Apple IDs all shared across one family network is very messy.

As for the other peripheral air mac stuff:

Inbuilt 3G - well an inbuilt slot for a SIM card maybe, but no big deal using a USB for this

Ethernet cable - could be good, but would probably prefer 2 USB over 1 USB and 1 ethernet

Mini usb, USB 3, better speakers - all would be nice

I've used remote disc once, to install MS Office. So definitely don't need disc.

Backlit keyboard - I forgot they existed. People say they wont buy one unless it has little lights under their keyboard... weird.

More/less ports - I'm constantly using the USB, so I'm happy it has 2.

As for the wish list: a screen that folds down to become a tablet running iOS... looking forward to buying that when this one is getting old, in 3 years or so
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