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Originally Posted by nkhm View Post

How can a product which doesn't have a publicly stated release date be 'delayed'?!

Agreed. Not having your favorite rumor turn out to be true does not constitute a delay.
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Originally Posted by MacTel View Post

Apple could delay the shipment but that has never deterred them from announcing the next thing (iPad 2) months in advance.

I doubt these rumors are valid or true.

No way Apple will unveil the iPad 2 months in advance. It will hurt short-term sales and tip off competitors as to what to expect from Apple's tablet for the coming year. What would be the upside for Apple?
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Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

Some of the iPad rumors lately seem absolutely ridiculous and downright dumb, like the recent iPad3 coming out in the fall rumor.

John Gruber isn't exactly a rumor whore, and he is often right. Consider also that there is a subtle difference between speculation and rumor. Speculation can be well founded and reasonable. It becomes rumor when the thoughtful detail is stripped away and only the sensational headline is bounced around the internet with every fool appending his own ill-informed opinion to it.
Pundit has only one "n."
Pundit has only one "n."
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Originally Posted by Bageljoey View Post

...this rumor, if true, would be a personal disaster for me...

i doubt i'll be the only one to comment on this. people are dying around the world. cancer patients are suffering. marriages are painfully fracturing. no, this isn't a personal disaster. let's all keep things in perspective. You have a brother, you are enjoying with him the anticipation of a new shiny thing, life sounds pretty bright. That's the reality.

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Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post

Ya' know...

what strikes me as odd, about this rumor, and several others, is the bit about the delay caused by the Chinese New Year.

Tim Cook set up the supply-chain and has a reputation sans rival in supply-chain management.

It is inconceivable that Tim would not have factored the Chinese New Year break into his planning.

Then. there is this article:

iPhone 5 Might Not Launch Until September

This, too, appears to be related to supply-chain uncertainties.

So, Apple, who is paying billions to schedule parts and manufacturing capacity to keep the supply-chain humming -- suddenly has forgotten how to do basic scheduling?

Something is wrong with the picture being painted!


One possible rationale for how this could be true is that now there are an ever increasing number of companies building devices similar to iPhones and iPads. Despite the desirability of signing agreements with Apple to provide large quantities of components, it is undesirable for component suppliers to leverage their operations too highly on a single buyer. It could be that Apple's components are being squeezed somewhat by suppliers wanting to be diversified.

Also, I guess it could be said that a supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. While Apple is rumored to have pre-paid huge amounts for certain components, a shortage of any crucial component would delay things.
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They need a shift in their release timing of the iPad because releasing it in the spring likely hinders their ability to sell it at Christmas, knowing a new version is right around the corner. I always thought their timing on the release of the iPad was bad.
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Who the is Mr. And Mrs. Chen? I mean does anyone with a brain verify these lame brained rumours? Is it me or is Appleinsider going overboard posting this shear nonsense?

Isn't it glaringly obvious that any delay on any product as HOT as the iPhone or iPad would prove disastrous given Steves leave if absence??

The sick fact is that these liars and market manipulators are showing that if boards like this pick up this nonsense they can momentarily blunt the stock and it worked. This insanity has got to stop and Appleinsider has to stop and get it together. It's falling on my trust meter big time. I have to say my opinion changed when they found it important to give Tim Cooks private life a story. Then a couple days ago about the nonsense that Verizon has sold only a few phones based on information from a app maker!!! Give me a break. This is getting joke like. Either this site has gotten hijacked or someones hitting the "medical" gangha way too hard. I'm surprised that these guys "editorial" department seems to defy LOGIC of late.

Cut the destructive rumours that border on vengeance. Maybe these guys here didnt get their free iPads on time. Seriously.
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