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I've been having some problems with iPhoto (very slow, hangs up a lot etc.) I had moved my iPhoto library to my Drobo storage device, and a few people suggested that might be the problem, that there have been reports of trouble with iPhoto libraries on Drobos. So I copied the library to another external.

I was then going to move the library back to the internal drive (i recently got a much larger internal drive). I was looking around for where the files should go, when I notice that the iPhoto application itself was 1.3 or so gigabyes. This didn't seem right, so I thought I should reintall it. I dragged the application to the trash (it's still there) and went to the App store. I clicked on iphoto, and it said I'd already purchased it, and did I want to purchase again. I said yes, and it said 'Installing'. But nothing happened, it just sat there sayinng 'Installing' in the app store label under iphoto, for a long time.

So finally I restarted my iMac. Now when I go to the App store, it doesn't say Installed under iPhoto, it just say the price. When I click Buy it says do you want to buy it, and I say yes. And nothing happens.

Arg! Anyone know how to get this right, get iPhoto up and running, and use the library that I have off my Mac, currently on external drives (two identical copies).

Sorry for the long email, and thanks!