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Apple TV don't wake up Mini after upgrade ios...
Hi every one, i have a problem after upgrade my ATV 2Gen with ios 4.2 (the last revision).

This is my scenario :

Access Point : Air Port Extreme

Video Server : Mac mini (10.6.6) connected to network (airport extreme) via copper ethernet (wifi disable) (iTunes 10.2.1)

macbook : I use laptop to manage the mini via wifi

Apple TV 2G : I see my dvd library collection streaming from mac mini.

Mac Mini is configured for going to stop after 20 minutes of inactivity, and waking up from network.

After upgrade IOS from 4.1 to 4.2, the Mini don't waking up. I think that ATV don't forward the wake up packet to mini. When this occur, I try manage the Mini from my macbook, and Mini respond correctly. So I think that problem reside in the last IOS 4.2..

Thanks for any advice!!