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There's a big grey market for iPad2's overseas. And part of the reason why they're hard to get right now is because of sleazy people buying up bunches of them to sell for profit.

There was a Russian guy returning to the same Apple store many times and buying up iPads. When he'd return later on, he'd wear a disguise so the Apple employees wouldn't recognize him. They should ban these sleazy people from ever buying any Apple products again.

He also said that afterward he waited in line to buy a second round. He then came back a third time with a disguise on (a baseball cap and glasses), and purchased a third round, and paid a guy in front of him in line $200 to get him another. Apparently he made all of his purchases from the flagship store. By the time he was ready to go for a 4th round, there were no 3G AT&T iPad 2′s left at any of the Apple NYC retail stores.