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I concur with your thinking. They have terribly mismanaged expectations (even at the store level, where they can't tell people there's no use waiting....)...

I agree that the whole thing has been a fiasco and I am surprised I haven't read more angry posts.

My husband stood in line for 1 1/2 hours at a Wal Mart because there were too many people in line at the apple store by the time he could get out of work. We called in advance and they confirmed they were receiving them but would not say how many or which models. At 5 min to 5 they came out and said they received no 3G models at all which is what we needed. At that point it was too late to go anywhere else. He was 17th in line. We would not have been angry if they had sold out before they got to him but the fact that he stood there for that long for absolutely no reason just made us feel jerked around.

I really feel that this roll-out has favored resellers over the rest of us because there are not many regular people I know who have the luxury to wait outside the apple store for hours every morning just to see if more came in.