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Regarding the 21.5" iMac.

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Hey bros. First time posting here. :3

I am looking at replacing my aging 2008 uMBP 15 with a 21.5" iMac and a 32GB iPad 2 WiFi. I want to have something light and ultra thin and super super portable, along with a beast for power use back in my room.

I am looking at a refurbished 3.2 Core i3 4GB 5750 iMac, for 1269. Seems like a pretty good deal as a new one is about 1500-ish, and its price-performance seems to be a nice ratio.

I just wanted your advice, as to whether a) is that good enough for video editing and other movie work (seems like it), and also, should I wait for the new ones? Because it seems to be high time for a refresh, with the macbook pros out and Spring being new mac season usually.

If so, how long until the new ones? The person that wants to buy my macbook pro says she will wait around 2 weeks only!
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New iMacs likely next month.

Read the last word as any date word you wish (day, week, year, decade); we can't know anything.
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In answer to your question as to whether the machine is good enough for video editing - the short answer is yes - for SD, should be ok for 720p but prolly not for 1080i or p. All of that depends on the format you're going to work with and you'll need fw 800 drives to store media on. fw 800 will be the bottleneck I suspect.
You may get away with having media on the internal drive for a while but that's a no no really - only good for short projects.

As to whether you should buy now or later - I can't answer that for you.
If you have a paying gig coming up, I'd buy now get the job done and grab the loot.
hang on, I've got a better idea
you wait for the next release
tell your client to contact me
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