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Anyone here enter Mission Mini?

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I entered a contest a couple of months ago, <a href="http://www.missionmini.com" target="_blank">Mission Mini</a>. There was an entry form in the back of Shift magazine, along with this little 50 page mini-novel. It was the background to this crime that is the basis for Mission Mini.

If chosen, you travel to Barcelona Nov 7-13, get paired up with a partner, and cruise around in a new Mini Cooper S to solve this crime theyve done up. Some artwork has been stolen, you have 5 suspects, and have to solve the crime. I cant find it on the site anywhere, but I recall the first prize as being $25,000 and a new Mini Cooper S.

So anyway, I entered and forgot about it, until I got a phone call from a lady with Mini Canada last week. She asked me about a dozen questions, mostly details of the case outlined in the little book with the entry form. I got all of them right except for 1 question about the Mini - what year it was released. (DAMN!!)

Afterwards she asked my age (for insurance purposes over there), if I was an experienced manual transmission driver, and if I was available to go on active duty from Nov 7-13 in Barcelona.

I have no idea how many people have been short-listed with me, but damn, this is kind of exciting! I did really well in the little interview she gave me on the phone, so Im hoping to at least get another call back. Should be hearing something in the next 10 days.

Anyone else here hear of or enter this contest? Man, just getting to GO would be a prize for me.... how many chances do you get to go there??

You should check the site out anyway, its pretty slick.

Wish me luck.

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I hear you get royalties from BMW for every time you pimp the Mini contest. What a tool.

Three cheers for murbot! Hip hip, hoor-- *cough cough cough* bleh. Sorry, can't cheer with this sore throat.
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I want a Mini Cooper S
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