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Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

So where are they all, then?

Exactly. If it's bunk, where are they?
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Originally Posted by nuvolino View Post

Yes I will what it does it ensures that all parts of the update will be installed not just the parts that are perceived as "extra and changed" what this means is that its almost like a fresh install it completely over write all files so you have a nice default updat

Has anyone ever used something like TripWire to verify this or is this just another "internet lore" that has been passed down over the years?

Because I've never seen a difference doing updates either way - and yes, back in 10.4 or 10.5 somewhere I cloned my boot drive and tried it each way to see.
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Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

He also sent me a PM telling to F off. I thought about reporting it, but its pointless. Id rather him not create a fresh alias.

Meh - even if he did, it would be fairly obvious to pick him back up and add his new alias as well. It's hard to get a leopard to change his spots
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Originally Posted by PeterO View Post

whoa, easy there. is that really called for?

Was it really necessary to quote his whole message? Thanks for nothing...
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Originally Posted by Inside_line View Post

Have you noticed any slowdowns? I have not read a single case of anyone experiencing performance degradation on a mac with the factory SSD. Just sayin, it might not be worth your time unless your experiencing problems.

Not much is apparently known (or at least talked about) with the Toshiba SSD controllers Apple uses, but I suspect they are over-provisioned like the SandForce controllers and therefor TRIM isn't exactly necessary.

TRIM isn't the only way to ensure top SSD performance - I wish people would stop drinking the Intel kool-aid on TRIM...
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Originally Posted by Superbass View Post

As you can see, Apple sells you a $50 Hub

Meh, I wish display manufacturers would step it up and just build it into the display (including Apple!) - and give me a freaking display port pass through so I don't need video cards with two and three ports on them already!

Apple also seriously needs to make their cables be not integrated. You can't put a Mac Pro away from your desk or on the floor with the current Apple displays. What is it with Apple and cables on their displays anyway? For all the other things they get right, they continually seem to screw that up.
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Originally Posted by elroth View Post

What I wonder is this: will the first device in the Thunderbolt chain have to be switched on in order to use the second device? With my firewire hard drives, I can't just turn a device on - it won't be recognized unless every device before it in the chain is on.

I don't know for sure, so I'll pass.

Update: I forgot that Thunderbolt will power the devices on the daisy chain. I am assuming that future devices that have a Thunderbolt connector for input will also have a Thunderbolt connection for output to support the downside daisy chain, and that the Thunderbolt output connector will remain active. The end-of-chain display device will not have an Thunderbolt output connector.

Nullis in verba -- "on the word of no one"





Nullis in verba -- "on the word of no one"




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Originally Posted by BertP View Post

If you have a storage device in the daisy chain, it will have an input and an output (for devices further down the chain for a maximum of six devices). There are a number of restrictions, such as the display being the last device on the chain.

Having to (in effect) disconnect your monitor to remove attached storage is insufferably stupid. This design decision will severely impact acceptance of Thunderbolt. Having the monitor as the first device, making it in effect a hub (I know it's not a real hub) would have made far more sense.
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Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

Did you notice the "most likely" part of my post... not all of them were bad... but enough of them were bad for it to be a real problem for a large number of people.

That's the difference between you and I... I know that some people were lucky... quite a few were not... I can see both sides.

You, on the other hand think that just because you got lucky then anyone complaining is a bullshitter.

It's a legitimate beef whether you think so or not.

[ here's one (of several) discussion on the subject - http://discussions.info.apple.com/th...art=0&tstart=1 ]

I have the same or very similarproblem on a White IMac.

Started the very day I moved to 10.6.3. Quite often (every couple of days) the system freezes completely and requires a re-boot. The mouse still works, the radio station keeps playing but can't do anything meaningful. The frequency of the problem has increased with each release.
And even worse once a week or so the screen goes black, the system has to be restarted, and it screws up the backup disk as it does.

There are many posts on this on the Apple support forums.
Lots of suggestions from Combo update, to re-installing safari, to adding new ID, to repairing the disk, to speeding up the fan, but none work.

Am thinking of going back to 10.6.2. but am a bit worried about incompatibility with other new software like safari and app store. Has anyone done this ?

No problem on my new MacBook, no problem on my even older Macbook running 10.4.
looks like if you have an old machine its best not to update to the new OS as it is probably not being tested thoroughly enough.
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