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LaCie Rugged HD upgrade?

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I want to buy a portable hard drive to keep my iTunes library on for DJing with Tractor Pro on my MacBook. I really like the look of the LaCie Rugged but the largest capacity of these is 1TB. My iTunes library currently stands at almost 700GB. I'm sure i wont be long maxing out a 1TB drive as i mostly buy Wav files. I'm wondering if it's possible to replace the HD in the LaCie Rugged? I'd like to replace it with a 2TB 7200rpm drive if possible.

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It looks like it - the orange outer cover can come off and inside that is a snap together hard shell that encloses the drive.

Go here - http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=11030 and click on the pic to bring up the detail views.
I'd go for the fw version before the usb 3.0 - but that's just me.
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Thanks for your reply RobM.
I'm hoping it's as simple as that but i've read that the Rugged gets very hot when in use, and if i was to replace the HD with a WD Caviar Black 2TB, i wonder would this cause problems. Anyone here with any experience in replacing the HD in the Rugged?
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If it's known to get hot when in use then I'd avoid it like the plague. Nothing kills hard drives quicker than heat - get one with a fan.
You'll prolly have no option than having to lug round a power brick tho'.
I've got around 25 or so external fw drives, all different makes and models and capacities - mainly Seagate 'Cuda 7200 rpm's in them dating back 10 years.
The only one that has thrown the tongue is a LaCie - without a fan ...
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Ok, i guess I'm gonna have to look for a different drive. Thanks a lot for your help RobM.
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