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Anyone with a spare laptop should give this a go!...

Having switched to a Mac about 2 years ago, Im no longer a PC user at home (although .Net programming requires me to have Boot Camp installed). Anyway, this meant that I had my old Dell Inspiron 8200 kicking around and although Im a now an avid Apple fan, I just couldnt bring myself to bin the Dell. Mainly because it has a sweet but expensive 15 UXGA+ screen (1600 x 1200 with Ultra Sharp technology).

The solution? Strip it down to just the motherboard, LCD unit, wireless network board and keyboard, and then build it into a picture frame.

I bought a large frame from a local discount store, a length of wooden batten and then screwed, glued, and riveted then components into the frame. Even if I do say so myself, Im well pleased and anyone with a spare laptop should give it a go.