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Does anyone have any good anti-spyware to recommend? I am primarily looking to determine whether or not a computer has already been infected with spyware/malware...the other feature that would be useful would be something that can detect when websites are trying to "snoop" on me when I visit their sites...whenever I look into this for the Mac, I usually get a response that it is not really necessary in OSX. Is that REALLY true, or just an exaggeration? On the PC, I've used malwarebytes in the past with some success. Is there a Mac equivalent?

As always, thanks for your help, and all hail the collective intelligence of the AI community
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You don't need it. Stop worrying about it. You wouldn't be reading that you don't need it if it wasn't true.

"On the PC" is "on the PC". You're in a different world now.

Website snooping? Google does that exclusively already. Block cookies and get Little Snitch if you want to know about every single piece of traffic on your machine.
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