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I will take this into consideration, and possibly consider even trying it if they have a free 30day trial, if it is really the one best for my purpose.

When I considered a more advanced tool better than the iPhoto, I was surprised that the one-to-one Apple tutor that I got extolled the Adobe Elements over the Aperture, even if I asked specifically in the notes to be given a brief introduction to Aperture.

My concern with other third party software is that they have not always delivered fo rme when I needed it most. And that is true with my experience using Adobe products. Apart from the cost, the greater cost and issue for me is what it would take to get technical support in person when I needed it.

I need someone to help me resolve issues that I cannot resolve on my own, after even viewing those introductory videos and supplements. In the case of Aperture for example, in just one session, the tutor, who happens to be an expert of Aperture taught me a trict to radically changed the amount of time to edit photos of the pages of old books -- more than 55.000 for one of the projects I have been working on and off for years now, just because of the enormity.of the task.

And, just one simple trick from the tutor. I could finish in a day or two perhaps a week with the final touches, what would have taken me two to three months using the old fashion way.

The ability to be able to talk directly to Apple experts, not on the phone but in person, dealing with specific issues encountered is the tipping point on the software or App, I am going to adopt fro my needs.


Quark has a 60-day trial period. Because the iPad bolt-on will be added 90 days after the April release of XPress 9, then perhaps you should wait for a while to start your trial period. The cheapest route to getting the programme is with an educational discount. Here in the UK, Q8/9 costs £799, but only £85 or so to students and teachers (I think, but I'm an upgrader, so it won't be too bad for me). Obviously I don't know what your needs are, but like you, I found the apple guys a little less than helpful--not that they didn't try, it's just that the questions that you need answered aren't up their alley, so they don't have the needed expertise

One of my projects will eventually have between 500 and 2500 pictures and I expect that XPress will do the job as a ePub book, which I expect to convert to an iPad app; email me ( and I'll point you in the right direction if I can

Cheers Joe