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iMac just died!

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I was using my machine as I normally do, and attempted to add a Wii to my netflix account. After following the screen prompts for the code, I set up the Wii and turned back to my iMac. It was off. Didn't remember turning it off. So I pressed the power button...Nothing.

Didn't panic, pulled speakers, usb and other peripherals from machine and tried again. Nothing. Pulled power cord and replugged.....went to another socket......then attempted to reset the pram ......still nothing.

Now I'm panicking. I have two iphone 4s and my iPad 2 associated with this machine. It is doing NOTHING!! Any advice?

I have an iMac Intel core duo 1.8 ghz. I have a 500 gb hard drive,2 Gb RAM, Snow Leopard.

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If it's doing absolutely nothing, no noise or anything, your internal power supply may have broken. If you have a power plug with a fuse, check the fuse hasn't blown.

Also, try plugging it into a different power socket to make sure it's the iMac itself.
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