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In the greater scheme of things, this so-called tracking issue really doesn't matter. Apple made a big boo-boo and that iOS4 bug will be fixed in the next iOS update. Even Steve Jobs himself has chimed in to basically say so:

But for anyone who really knows Apple and Jobs, you already knew this to be so. Again, it's a non-issue. The media is just hyping it up because they get more money from sensationalism. And the people most worried about it are typically people who do things they shouldn't while toting around their iOS devices and therefore stand the most to lose when someone sheds light on their past! And even for those who aren't so naughty, accidentally exposing this data to thieves who stole your iPhone wasn't a risk UNTIL those two geeks brought it into the public eye. And considering one of those geeks self-admittedly worked at Apple for 5 years, why didn't they just quietly report it to Apple to see that it got fixed? Could "shameless self-promotion" have been at heart here? Answer: absolutely. They are exploiting a previously hidden software flaw for personal gain. (Which, for those of you who have low moral standards and therefore may not know, is actually something "bad" not "good.")

Now for Android lovers this kind issue may be of some concern. For does anyone honestly think that "search giant" Google is not in the business of "search"? Tracking is Google's middle name. (The two "oo" characters in the company's name are actually little eyes watching you.) But for Apple, it is very uncharacteristic and therefore until more information from Apple comes out, we shouldn't get all bent out of shape over it.

No, if there is any major problem here it's AppleInsider's continued apathy toward proper English spelling. I mean really, "udpate"? It's bad enough when you AppleInsider writers make spelling mistakes INSIDE its articles. But now AppleInsider is making them in the article titles?! Absolutely shocking and unbelievable, especially when spelling checkers are so prevalent these days. Sometimes I wonder if AppleInsider authors are doing this deliberately to punish readers for some reason unknown. A mistake "now and then" is forgivable. But with AppleInsider, these mistakes are perpetual. Brush up on your English language skills -- PLEASE!