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I got my self a new MBP 8,2 two weeks ago.
  • CPU is Core i7
  • RAM is 8 GB
  • HD is ST9500325ASG
  • OS is Snow Leopard 10.6.7.
  • Since the system has 8 GB RAM; Snow Leopard is booting a 64-Bit kernel.

However, the System runs quite unstable. It freezes up to 3 times per avarage working day (~ 8h operation), showing no message, kernel, panic etc - quite annoying

Reccently, the system honked after freezing and the RAM got exchanged - however, the problems remain - I run a long hardware test (using the tool shipped on dvd 2) but no error was reported.

Do you know what's wrong with my MBP?

Regards, Oma